As a designer of long-term solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of services that incorporate all disciplines, enabling sustainable development issues to be taken into account in every project we design, as well as in the services we operate, throughout their life cycle.

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Our goals today, and we have everything going for us, is to be recognised as an accelerator of environmental and energy transition and among the key global players who truly count in the field of engineering in these areas. For this, we rely on the multidisciplinary and complementary nature of our business activities, our commitment to sustainable development, our international expansion and the women and men who work in our group. In order to succeed, we must constantly adapt our human resources, which is why we are promoting mobility, developing our employees’ careers, and improving cross-functional networks to work better together in complete transparency and confidence. We are also developing our international culture, while fostering a sense of pride in belonging to the group, and of its technical and social achievements.

Our commitments

In 2011, Egis decided to make a clear and public commitment by joining the United Nations Global Compact and publishing a Sustainable Development Charter. These are two major actions which firm up our determination to contribute to living better together.

A charter structured around three As: Anticipate, Assist and Assemble

Jointly developed with a panel representing the various internal and external stakeholders, the Egis Charter reflects the Group’s three fundamental values: to be a responsible, human and creative company.
It is structured around 12 principles, split into three areas for action: Anticipate, Assist, Assemble, and is translated into operational guidelines that detail – for each principle – the progress actions undertaken, and associated indicators.

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Joining the Global Compact

pact-mondialThe Global Compact is a UN initiative that was launched in the year 2000. It encourages businesses worldwide to adopt a more socially responsible attitude. Members undertake to actively implement and promote simple principles relating to human rights, international labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption. Since November 2011, Egis has committed to bringing its development strategy and operations in line with the ten principles of the Global Compact. Each year, Egis reports on the actions taken and progress made.

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