Egis is constantly seeking to reconcile its focus on economic growth with the career development of its employees. Listening to people’s needs, continuing a rigorous and constructive social dialogue, are the key elements of this approach.

See the Egis human Resources Management Code (Draft) :  “Overall commitments described in this code are a target which needs to be achieved, promoted, challenged and adapted by all and for all in our professional lives”


An Employment Pact

Recent orders at Egis have been marked by a growing proportion of complex projects assigned to the group, and their location outside of the French market, in high growth regions like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India and Brazil. Wherever possible, career paths need to be in line with these new operational requirements. This condition will ensure they are dynamic and secure.

An employment pact was created for this purpose, and its main commitments are as follows:

  • Management’s commitment to play a more proactive role with regard to employees, especially in situations where the need to develop skills is most evident.
  • Employee commitment to careers that might include geographical or professional mobility, with all the problems and opportunities this represents. These career paths require increased personal support (individual career assistance, training).
  • The commitment by group management and its subsidiaries to develop information on internal employment opportunities, which, in a larger group, are not always sufficiently well known. Examples of internal careers are now widely available. “My career with Egis” meetings have been organised by site to discuss the opportunities for professional and geographical mobility in the group,
  • The involvement of social partners: on 12 December 2013, all the Group’s trade unions signed an employment agreement that aims to develop strategic workforce planning, and establish the broad guidelines as defined earlier, showing special attention paid to career support. This policy has helped to significantly increase professional and geographical mobility in the group.


An agreement on “generation contracts”

In order to achieve the sustainable integration of young people in employment through access to permanent contracts, and supporting the hiring and continued employment of older workers, as well as ensuring the transfer of knowledge and skills, Egis has signed an agreement on generation contracts. Under the law of 1st March 2013, this agreement was signed for a period of three years. It targets young people under 30 and older employees aged at least 50 years old for recruitment and at least 55 years old for continuing in work.

Keenly aware that the integration of newcomers depends largely on the quality of the welcome and support they are given, Egis has organised a special support and monitoring initiative.


“Egis Traits d’union” gathers  200 members and has set the objective of maintaining contact between members and  share a common passion : technique. This Association also aims to facilitate synergies between various activities of Egis Group.  For more information (french website)

A diversity think-tank for women’s success

This think-tank started as an informal discussion group with varying formats. Then the organisation became more structured with a quarterly steering committee comprising the CEO, the Director of Human Resources, Director of Talent and members of the think-tank. Today, the objective remains the same: to focus on gender equality and make it a common topic of interest in the company for the long term, to collect data to establish observations, and take action where efforts are needed. 4 major actions are planned:

  • A mentoring scheme.
  • The involvement of women with successful careers in day-long events for new recruits (to show new recruits that women can succeed in an engineering group essentially composed of men).
  • Training of local managers on issues of diversity and self-censorship.
  • Monitoring of specific indicators

Mentoring: as beneficial for the company as it is for employees.

To renew the traditional forms of employee development and to promote cross-business networking in the group, a mentoring scheme was launched.

In 2015, 20 people were mentored, including 17 women (in France).

Our ambition is of course to expand the initiative, in numbers and geographical scope, by encouraging our international subsidiaries to adopt the initiative. Finally, work is still needed when it comes to supporting women in the workplace so that they have the confidence to put themselves forward more.

A diversity Label

logo_label-diversiteRoutalis (a subsidiary of the Egis group which operates and maintains the A28 Rouen – Alençon (125km) and the A88 Sées – West Falaise (45km) motorways) has held the Diversity Label* since 2008, which recognises companies for their good practices in all areas of diversity: age, disability, race, sexual orientation, gender equality, political views, etc.  Find out more routalis (french website)

* The diversity label  is awarded by AFNOR Certification, an independent external body, on the recommendation of the permanent commission of labeling, associated with the French Government, trade unions and the ANDRH (National Association of Human Resources Directors).

A safety attitude in 8 points

Safety-egisThanks to its long experience, the group has a strong culture of safety on building sites it manages. Several Egis entities have longstanding experience in health and safety at work, particularly in industrial environments. In 2014, Egis decided to structure and roll out this approach under the label “Safety Attitude by Egis”.

  • A three-year roadmap and action plan structure the approach.
  • A health and safety coordinator was appointed to deploy the rules, advise HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) managers in the subsidiaries, implement awareness modules and define indicators. These indicators will help coordinate the process and report to stakeholders on any progress made.
  • The application of the reference standard OHSAS 18001 and certification


An e-learning course in French and English is already in progress, detailing the eight rules of our Safety Attitude:

  1. Assess HSE risks and deploy the necessary actions.
  2. Train our employees.
  3. Implement HSE best practices.
  4. Respect and enforce the correct actions and postures and use personal protection equipment.
  5. Adopt responsible and safe conduct.
  6. Report all dangerous situations and accidents.
  7. Behave appropriately in the event of accidents.
  8. Audit our projects and site activities.


Testimonial from dominique lacroix, hse coordinator for the egis group Aiming for “zero road accident” People’s safety and Egis Cameroun


Regulatory HSE monitoring

The Egis group has set up a monitoring and analysis system for HSE regulatory compliance in order to identify changes to standards and incorporate them into its management system (within France). This monitoring enables users to access specific and targeted legal news at all times, keep diagnoses up to date with regard to compliance with regulatory requirements, and manage the compliance of action plans. Over time, it is expected that this monitoring will be gradually extended to cover other geographic areas and different themes. Alongside this, and more specifically for projects, business activity communities also provide monitoring available on the My Egis collaborative tool.

Training to strengthen HSE culture

In 2016, “Root Cause Analysis” training was conducted.  Despite all the preventive measures in place, incidents do sometimes occur. It is therefore important that Egis understands why this event occurred. This happens by understanding the sequence of events that led to it and first and foremost by looking into what action needs to be taken to ensure that these incidents never occur again.

Focus on crisis situations

A closer look at crisis situations : simulations to establish the best response. When faced with a crisis, companies often react in an emotional and urgent way. To anticipate these risks, Egis is taking the initiative and organising real-time simulations. Terrorist attacks, construction accidents, disasters and fires are just some of the risks with which the Company may be faced at any time. To better prepare for these, the Group’s Audit and Risk Department organised a crisis simulation. Several employees led the hour and a half long activity.

“This type of exercise is essential for learning the correct responses and testing our crisis management procedures, the documentation for which was updated at the beginning of the summer. Good preparation allows appropriate behaviour to be adopted when faced with the early signs and during escalation of the crisis. The aim is really to provide an appropriate response, by recognising the deteriorating situation and crisis status without however giving rise to stress and panic. The key to successful crisis management is anticipation! We must anticipate the possible scenarios and the action to take, the response chains, the appropriate people to be notified, the tools to put in place… so that the company can acquire a proper crisis management culture ” explains Marie Cornille, Risk Officer at Egis.

The plan helped to identify what measures should be taken or strengthened.

Other scenarios will be organised on a regular basis, to continually put into practice the most important phases of crisis management within the Group.

A specific safety and security approach for international activities

In light of current events, the safety of our employees abroad is a major issue, whether this involves short or long stays. As a responsible employer, Egis has sought to strengthen its security protocols to ensure a protective environment suitable to each employee. In 2011, the Human Resources Department created a position dedicated to the safety of employees abroad, to closely monitor the movement of teams and anticipate any risks to their safety.

At the heart of the nitiative is a country ranking, updated monthly, which defines the safety procedures for each country where Egis operates. Countries are broken down into four categories according to their degree of exposure to risks, formalising the instructions given to employees. In addition, each employee is obliged to report their movements and a travel notebook given is to each individual to remind them of the precautions to take before leaving, during the trip, on a daily basis, and that specifies what to do in an emergency.

Finally, Egis has signed a repatriation agreement through EuropAssistance for the group. All employees have a 24/7 support hotline.


A disability unit for developing equal opportunities, together

EGIS_logo-MHEgis is committed to the fight against discrimination, to reversing preconceptions and developing community life with respect for others. In 2010, Egis created a special disability unit made up of a project manager and disability officers in every Group company. For the professional integration of people with disabilities, Egis applies a group agreement established with social partners. The rate of employment of people with disabilities has been steadily increasing for several years now.

Egis is partner of the Association “Snowboard et Handicap” and supports Sylvain Bréchet, collaborator of Egis, bumps in 2004. After only 2 seasons, he became during the season 2013-2014, Champion of disabled France of snowboard-cross and ends in 15 ème place in section of World in Molina, it was 1 month before the Paralympics of SOCHI. To know more about it (french website)

focus 2016

For the 20th edition of the European Week for the Employment of Disabled People from 14 to 20 November 2016, Egis organised several events: an online quiz, with gourmet hampers prepared by an ESAT (Establishments and Services providing Support through Work) for the first 10 winners, a booklet on misconceptions about disability given to all employees (in France) and attendance by a group of young school pupils and students, in partnership with the Arpejeh* association, on 15 November at the Egis headquarters. On this day, recruitment teams used role-play to prepare the young people for business meetings.

*The ARPEJEH Association (Supporting the Successful Study Projects of Young and Disabled Students) is an association bringing together companies and public stakeholders from all sectors, all taking a proactive approach to the employment of people with a disability, equal opportunity and diversity. It is open to all pupils from year 10 upwards and students with a disability whether they are at the start, middle or end of their training course.

Social dialogue that prioritises relationships and respects people’s rights

With regard to social dialogue, monthly meetings are held with union coordinators and two to three meetings are held with the Group Committee. This number and frequency of meetings goes well beyond the legal requirements.
Since 2011, a major project of aligning the Group’s labour agreements was launched.
The latest agreements signed include:

  • Strategic Workforce Planning (GPEC) – 2016
  • Telecommuting – 2013
  • The establishment of a profit-sharing scheme – 2014
  • Medical expenses and retirement benefits – 2008 (all Egis Group employees are covered by this binding agreement – for employees of Egis in France)


Employee shareholding

In the first half of 2011, Egis opened up 25% of its capital to key executives (referred to as “partners”) as well as all French employees through a company mutual fund (FCPE). At the time, the capital structure set up had never been seen before in the engineering sector: Egis combined a major financial institution focused on the long term, the Caisse des Dépôts, and a motivated and dynamic shareholding of managers and employees committed to the success of their group.


Expression and well-being at work

Each establishment is free to organise activities that create a friendly atmosphere, encourage interaction and facilitate collaborations. Whether related to sports, cultural, musical or other activities, they are welcome.
While the concept of happiness at work includes a more human relationship within the company and a sense of conviviality that has previously been absent from the world of work, it also relates to the concept of improving employee productivity. As such, from the utopia of happiness at work to the strategy of employee skills optimisation, a profound structural change is taking place in the company.

  • Breakfast meetings with senior management: Launched in 2015, Egis organises breakfasts during which senior management and employees can meet and exchange freely. It’s the employees who decide what they want to discuss. They can express themselves freely.
  • Livr’échanges: To quench their thirst for reading and share their literary favourites, employees can submit their books to the Documentation Centre. They are then made available to everyone, near the cafeteria. A second, third, fourth life awaits them.
  • A rooftop vegetable garden in Montreuil: employees taking the initiativepotager montreuil
    Rather than calling on an external service provider to operate their firm’s green spaces, around fifteen employees at the Egis site in Montreuil decided to create their own kitchen garden. Managed, maintained and run by them, it is governed by the shared gardens charter of the city of Montreuil.And in early 2016, a garden project at START (Egis headquarters in Guyancourt) was launched, this time at ground level


Psychosocial Risks (PR)

The prevention of the PR is a major stake of our health policy. A psychological assistance is proposed to employees , subject to the obligation of professional secrecy. It’s main objective is to look for solutions adapted to each  (French perimeter)

focus Email service : Let's adopt good habits so we can enjoy using technology Ever

Since it arrived in our personal and professional lives, electronic mail has provided us with communication opportunities that have profoundly changed our view of interactions. Today, we will see the downside of this wonderful technological progress: overload, urgency, interruptions, depersonalisation of relationships and even dependency are terms often used when we consider this form of communication. As a responsible business, Egis would like to promote good email habits in order to minimise the negative effects. This leaflet combines a measure of common sense and a pinch of humour to provide you with the keys to making optimum use of your email system.