CSR Internet website – Nicolas Jachiet, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Egis from Egis on Vimeo.

Please let me wish you a very warm welcome to our brand-new website dedicated to our commitment to corporate social responsibility and exchange with our stakeholders.
This website is our first paperless CSR report for 2015. It gives details of our policies, our tangible actions and our offers to deal with sustainable development issues. So please feel free to react, ask us questions or challenge us!
We value your feedback as a source of progress for us.

We have, for many years now, been actively committed to fighting against climate change and mitigating its effects. We supported COP 21 as an active partner, and we naturally welcome the Paris Agreement which was signed in November last year. At COP 21 we presented all our solutions in urban resilience and in the evolution of buildings, transport and urban infrastructure in the face of climate change. But we have to go even faster and even further.

Together with the Caisse des Dépôts, we have formed the investment company Egis Environmental Investments. It will finance the commercial phases of innovative projects which will drive the ecological and energy transition. It already funds projects in the electric mobility field with The New Motion, a recharging service for electric vehicles via Easy Trip, and also in wind power with Wind-it, a telecommunications pylon which incorporates a wind turbine.

We have also signed a quite unique partnership with an NGO called R20 to promote the emergence of projects in waste management and recycling in developing countries.

2015 was a year when we received a lot of recognition from our stakeholders, if we consider the number of awards or special distinctions we obtained. Also in 2015, our Group received triple Qualilty environment and safety certification for our sustainable performance management system.
This is a source of pride for our employees, but it’s also something that reassures our clients. They know that we can accompany them in reaching their highest ambitions.
All of this is a reflection of our teams’ commitment towards the implementation of our social responsibility policies, for the benefit of our clients and our environment.
Because yes, at Egis, we consider CSR to be a source of opportunity and innovation.

The challenges of the climate, the ecology or energy transition, those related to digital: in all of these areas, our expertise is put to optimal use. And you will discover its full extent as you browse this website.

But although we are proud of our achievements, we must intensify our innovation efforts and explore new subjects.

This innovation will go beyond the usual scope of our engineers’ work: we will of course be required to find technical solutions, but most important are the business models which will make them economically viable. We must develop new types of services and new service propositions.
We must mobilise our forces, stay tuned to what’s happening in the world around us, and we must dare to investigate areas outside our traditional domains of expertise.

And this challenge is not specific to us at Egis: it’s the challenge of our era.

Chief Executive Officer