CSR Internet website – Philippe Duc, Technical and Sustainable Performance Director of Egis from Egis on Vimeo.

I am delighted to welcome you to this website, dedicated to the work of the Egis in the field of CSR. We have designed this website specifically for you – our customers, our partners and our employees, and those of you who simply want to find out more about our sustainable development approach.

Here you will find our policies, our solutions, our main collaborations, our publications, and everything else we do to ensure that our employees flourish at Egis and that their career progresses in line with their personal commitment.

2016 was an important year to us. The Paris Climate Agreement was ratified by France and most major nations; those lagging behind will end up signing it eventually. It was only natural that Egis associate itself with this incredible initiative. We have therefore strengthened our work on CSR in two major areas: the ecological and energy transition and innovation. These two areas are essential for assisting decision-makers as they work towards a low-carbon economy, and to assist them in their development projects.

I would invite you to take a look at the remarkable prospective study led by our teams for the City of Paris “Carbon Neutral Paris in 2050”. It is a great example of a field in which we can lend you our support, as well as a great educational tool. It may focus on Paris, but actually, making all major cities carbon neutral by 2050 is not an impossible feat. It will, however, require increased awareness among citizens to ensure a strong and sustainable policy and to change our behaviour.

Whether you’re a decision-maker or a regular citizen, download this study and discover how we can reduce Paris’s greenhouse gas emissions by 70%, and which aspects of our behaviour we need to change. You’ll see, it’s really exciting.


Our second priority is to boost innovation. We have introduced a new, more agile and open way of working, based on openness to stakeholders and cooperation with startups. Along with the endless possibilities offered by digital technology, this approach will enable teams to develop new solutions more quickly. And it works. We have already developed REVERSE – versatile buildings that adapt to different uses – as well as heat networks powered by renewable energy, and the solution “that drives away traffic jams” by contributing to a change in motorists’ behaviour.  I won’t list them all; you can go to our website to find out more about our range of solutions.


And if you don’t find the solution that meets your needs on the website, just ask us? We are committed to work with you to meet the challenges faced by our planet, supporting transitions, and acting in the public interest to shape a better world. These challenges are not just ours, they are those of our time.

Thank you for your attention.


Philippe Duc
Technical and Sustainable Performance Director