Purpose and consistency are the driving forces behind our actions in relation to promoting solidarity. Every day, a variety of initiatives mean we can contribute to community work and launch eco-friendly initiatives. Whether it is social re-integration via partnerships, facilitating the daily lives of people suffering from a disability, solidarity-based work placements offered to employees, or financial support via our Foundation, all efforts are being employed to work together to support each other.

At the same time as embodying the company’s values, these solidarity actions play a part in meeting the firm’s HR challenges. They help to enrich the lives and foster the development of eligible employees, they broaden their sense of responsibility, and contribute significantly to living better together; a good outcome for all.

Skills sponsorship:

Egis, a partner of the “Our Neighbourhoods have Talent” (NQT) organisation)
Committed to equal opportunities, NQT has set up an initiative aimed at promoting the professional integration of young graduates aged under 30, from priority neighbourhoods or disadvantaged social backgrounds, through a system of mentoring by company executives with experience in business.

  • In 2014, the year the partnership was launched, Egis mentored 28 young people.
  • In 2015, 45 young people were mentored, 61% more than in 2014.
  • In 2016, 52 young people were mentored.
  • In 2017, 57 young people were mentored.
  • In 2018, 50 young people were mentored.

Find out more about the NQT organisation – french website

The Egis foundation

ordi-fondation-egisEgis has created a Foundation dedicated to actions that are in line with its expertise and sectors of activity. Its aim is to promote and foster innovation and creativity in engineering, with a focus on sustainable development, and to support social and educational activities aimed at French and overseas students.


In 2017, the Egis Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary. We look back at what it has achieved over the last ten years: watch the film (french film).

Iinitiatives and organisations supported in 2018: the Villebon Institute (scholarships awarded to three students), the NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde (greenhouse project in Cambodia), CODATU (scholarships to students and contributions from Egis professionals on mobility projects), and International workshops on urban project management at Cergy Pontoise (exploratory mission to Ouarzazate to identify development issues), the Institut Saint Jean  in Cameroon (training of engineers and entrepreneurs).

Find out more on the foundation and submit an application- french website

A selection of community projects

In 2020, in Middle East :

  • Environment: Members of Egis and Projacs in Dubaï plant mangrove trees to takle climate change More Information
  • Environment: Projacs team in Kuwait plant trees at new NBK HQ site to improve the greenery in the city center. More information

In 2019, in Middle East :

  • On March: “month of giving” – was the action organized to support local animal charities. More information
  • On March: “hearht hour” – Egis Middle East supports environmental and sustainable actions that contribute to our positive impact. More information

In 2018, worldwide:

  • Brazil: campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer and breast cancer + clothing collection for the poor + safety awareness action for children aged 6 to 12 who live near or study near the highway
  • Qatar: organisation of a clothing and materials collection for the foundation «Un Parapluie» (An Umbrella), an NGO in Nepal that works with the Red Cross and Unicef,
  • Egis funded an international scholarship for Audric Baron, engineer at the ENAC (École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile – the leading aeronautics and aviation university in Europe, providing a broad range of training, studies and research activities.). Egis supports ENAC students with high potential by awarding a scholarship, every year for the last 3 years, based on social criteria and merit, to one lucky winner enrolled for a placement to study abroad in the aeronautical field and in particular at the University of Cranfield,
  • In India, action to raise awareness of glaucoma with the intervention of an ophthalmologist
  • In India, Egis continued support for the NGO Salaam Balaak Trust

In 2018, in France,

  • As part of the charter signed by Egis to improve support for employees affected by cancer, and to promote employee health, Egis’s Lyon teams were invited to participate in the «A vos baskets» (Trainers at the ready!) challenge. At the end of the challenge, all kilometres travelled were converted into a donation to the Léon Bérard Centre
  • Egis took part in the charity event Odysséa, alongside the Alter Égales Think Tank (the Caisse des Dépôts Group’s network of women executives). For the 5th year in a row, more than 700 Caisse des Dépôts employees came together to run or walk against breast cancer, just like in Toulouse, where Egis took part in the Amaz’Eaunes race and the women’s 10km was brilliantly won by one of our employees. Egis also got involved in the telethon with Caisse Des Dépôts,
  • Egis continued the skills sponsorship with MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières – Doctors Without Borders) started in 2017, this sponsorship will end in mid-2019 (project to restructure an old building to make it the new
  • Egis continued the skills sponsorship with the SAMU Social emergency services (work on building rehabilitation for the SAMU Social started on 12 September 2017)
  • Alongside the Restos du Coeur, employees took part in the launch of the 34th Restos charity campaign in one of the operating subsidiaries (Routalis).
  • With the NGO Oxfam, an Egis team pledged to walk 100 km in 30 hours during the Oxfam Trailwalker event to raise money to help fight poverty and inequality in the world.
  • A day of solidarity in Montreuil has been organized for the Secours Populaire
  • Blood donation on many sites in France ( Seyssins, Lyon, Montpellier, Guyancourt, Montreuil)

In 2017, worldwide:

  • In India, Egis renewed its support for the NGO Salaam Balaak Trust. For several years now, Egis has been part-funding the daily breakfast of around 100 disadvantaged children living in the centre. This year Egis is providing 2000 euros of funding for the project. Egis has been supporting this NGO for the past few years, helping to fund a nutritional programme for the children living in the Aasra centre, near New Delhi’s main railway station. Egis is committed to this fight against the exploitation of street children, and continues to contribute to their education and social integration.
  • In Qatar, the Egis teams organised a blood collection campaign in association with the “Hamad medical corporation”, a local NGO. More than 20 litres of blood were collected, helping to save lives. Egis received a certificate of thanks from the Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Healthcare Communication.
  • In Cameroon, Egis organised a fundraising event for the charity Promhandicam, for children with disabilities. Donations were collected from employees, and supplemented by Egis, to be distributed to the children.
  • In Brazil, Egis teams have joined the fight against breast and prostate cancer, organising collection campaigns for the poor (clothing and food donations). They also contributed to an environmental project by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro to replant native trees of the Mata Atlântica tropical forest.
  • In Portugal, teams organised a collection of toys and clothes for the Red Cross for people affected by forest fires.
  • In the Philippines, a tree-planting campaign along the highway south of Manila was organised
  • In Mexico, after the severe earthquake that struck Mexico on 19 September, Egis joined a support campaign organised by the French Embassy in Mexico.
  • All over the world : In 2017, on the 20th anniversary of the Egis brand, three days celebrating our Values (Responsible, Human and Creative) were planned around the world, including charity events, poster campaigns on Group CSR actions and solutions, and a CSR game for tablets and smartphones. The CSR game included a financial component, with a donation being made to the Nature2050 programme for every 50 logins. The Nature2050 programme aims to restore biodiversity and help territories fight against global warming.  Find out more

In 2017, in France,

  • Collection of supplies for the Marilla organisation, a Lyon charity that works toward two causes: education in remote areas & access to water and energy in Africa. Find out more about this humanitarian organisation
  • Four Egis employees held a fundraising event for OXFAM, an NGO that fights poverty, injustice and inequality by setting up charity campaigns, lobbying decision-makers, providing emergency humanitarian aid and building development programmes. The event consisted of a snowshoe trek across 60 km in under 30 hours, with nearly 3000m in uphill climbs, on the slopes of the Vallée d’Abondance in Haute-Savoie. The team raised 2010 euros for OXFAM
  • Egis has renewed its partnership with the Snowboard & Handicap Association and continues to support Sylvain Bréchet, an Egis employee, who was injured in 2004. Sylvain was crowned French snowboard champion in his category during the event held in Les Saisies (Savoie) on 28 March (2017). After falling on his first run, Sylvain came through in style on his second attempt to take first place on the podium. Sylvain finished in third place for all categories, less than a second slower than Maxime Montaggioni (2017 world champion).
  • A group of Egis employees took part in the “TowerRun Incity” event in Lyon. 765 steps to climb to raise money for the Handicap International charity, with a finish line on the 35th and final floor, at over 150 metres high. A breathtaking view of Lyon.
  • Employees of Routalis, the Egis subsidiary operating the A28 motorway, gave their time to the Secours Populaire charity. Others helped maintain the hiking trails near the motorway in order to develop the region’s touristic appeal.

Beyond these key actions, each employee can also put their expertise to good use, as part of the “Développement Solidaire” initiative (an organisation run by the Caisse des Dépôts – our majority shareholder), and provide financial support to this organisation. Following the tsunami in Japan, Egis raised more than 2500 euros. For the disaster in the Philippines, more than 16,000 euros were donated. More recently, Egis also took action following the earthquake in Nepal (2015).

In addition, each employee may, if they wish, invest some of their income in the solidarity investment fund (FCPE) offered by the Egis Group.




France : the Odyssea race : together in the fight against breast cancer

With Egis, more than 900 employees from the Caisse des Dépôts group ran or walked together on 2 October at the Hippodrome de Vincennes to raise awareness of breast cancer. In the morning volunteers got the stand ready in the colours of the Group and welcomed the many runners with a special Caisse des Dépôts Bicentennial cap. Just before 9 am, two joelettes set off carrying two very excited children, shortly followed by the huge wave of 10 km runners. This event raised 600,000 euros. Take a look at the video (french  version)

France : Egis supports the Ilot charity, which takes in people rejected by society or experiencing great hardship

This year once again, Egis is supporting the Ilot charity by donating a part of its apprenticeship tax to it. The apprenticeship tax is used to enhance the socio-educational support that Ilot offers its youngest people, mobilising internal resources and external stakeholders to provide support in computing, teaching French as a foreign language  or job seeking skills.

France : Skills sponsorship for the Samu Social

On 21 June, Egis and Icade signed a skills sponsorship agreement in Paris with the Samu Social de Paris, a French humanitarian emergency service for homeless people and people in social distress. Skills sponsorship means making employees available during their working hours, to carrying out activities for the public good that may or may not make use of their skills. This provision of skills can be evaluated and result in a tax benefit. In this context, Egis and Icade are going to take part in a project to renovate a new Samu Social site offering refuge and care in Paris. This project is located within the Charles Foix Hospital in Ivry sur Seine, and is aimed at people suffering from social isolation. Egis and Icade are therefore pursuing their charity work in the regions by involving their employees.

Egis supports the Jijel Medina Sports Union in Algeria

As leader of a French-Algerian consortium, Egis is in charge of monitoring and controlling construction of the motorway link between the port of Djen Djen (in the Jijel province) and the East-West motorway (Sétif province) in Algeria. The project spans several years and has offered a key opportunity to create links with neighbouring communities, by supporting young athletes. For this project, the supervising offices are on two sites, Jijel and Sétif. Getting from one to the other means travelling over 100 kilometres. Despite cultural differences and the restrictions on movement imposed by the authorities on expatriates, relations with local people have been easy and warm. Having worked for 36 months on the site, the teams are now widely known and liked. It therefore seemed only natural for Egis to be called upon by the Jijel Medina Sports Union (USMJ) to support a sports project for young people. Find out more about this event 

In Cameroon: delivery of first aid training on the occasion of the international day of women rights


The Cameroon Red Cross organized  two sessions of training in the first aids with the staff of Egis Cameroun on February 26th and March 4th, 2016. 41 people were trained : first and foremost women, but also persons in charge of health, safety and environment on construction sites, drivers,  and loyalty sub-contractors. On the occasion of the international day of women rights on March 8th, a ceremony has been organized in the office of Egis Cameroon for delivery of certificates to the people having done the training course.

Egis in Brazil: donating warm clothing to homeless people

Egis's Brazilian teams, in Sao Paulo and Curitiba, organised an appeal for clothing and blankets to help homeless people. From 28 June to 30 August 2016, they collected 80 blankets and 40 items of warm clothing. Find out more about this event   

In Qatar : “Play Safe Stay Safe Campaign”, a security campaign for the qataries children

On 25th August 2016, the representatives of Expressway Programme[1] organized the“Play Safe Stay Safe Campaign”  for children at Al Rayaan “Busy Hand Nursery” (from 3 to 6 years old). Through fun activities, such as coloring contest, playing with vehicle toys and watching cartoon about road and construction safety, the children were encouraged to learn about the dangers in connection to road works, using heavy duty machinery and driving. Children are often keen to explore new areas and may display a natural sense of curiosity for anything new that’s going on. Many children view construction sites as playgrounds and think they are fun places to play; because that is what they see in the cartoon “Bob the Builder” (for example). But they need to be told that construction site is very dangerous. The “Play Safe Stay Safe Campaign” , organized under the patronage of Ashghal (Public Works Authority in Qatar),  is part of an educational task of creating a positive attitude towards construction and road safety, in a country, where drivers come from so many different backgrounds, yet the message must be clear: be safe. Take a look at the Egis Contact International magazine paper on this campaign [1] Group 8, Project 007 Contract 1

Great Britain : an ultra-marathon to benefit socially and economically disadvantaged young people

Simon Staples, audit manager at Connect Plus Services, an operating company for the M25 in the United Kingdom (and an Egis subsidiary) has set himself the challenge of running in a sponsored event in aid of the Leatherhead Youth Project (LYP) which supports socially and economically disadvantaged young people in Leatherhead. This ultra-marathon, the Windsor Ultra, covering a distance of 43 miles, requires intense preparation. Simon has already completed at least nine marathon distance runs, and two other ultra-marathons. To support the charity, he took part in three of these races over the summer. To find out more about the charity To find out more about Connect Plus services

Brazil: Egis sponsors the “pernas pra que te quero” event

On 21 June 2015, in the nautical park of Curitiba, Egis took part in the “Pernas pra que te quero” event, a race for children in wheelchairs. Supported by the state of Paraná’s rehabilitation association (APR), the event was inspired by the story of Karolina Cordeiro, who gave up everything to dedicate herself to her son Pedro and run with him when he had just been diagnosed with paralysis. The APR association supports this innovative challenge so that all children, even those with walking difficulties, can take part in Brazil’s second biggest sporting activity; running. The “Pernas pra que te quero” race has welcomed children in wheelchairs to this Curitiba running route, a circuit previously accessible only to able-bodied children. This event enables children to experience the “thrill of the race” thanks to the legs of those who push them. Find out more about this event (Brazilian website) http://pernaspraquetequero.org.

In France : donations, various partnerships

Donations of books and CDs for a rehabilitation initiative : Employees at the Montreuil site donated 400 books and 150 CDs to a rehabilitation charity. Partnership with the charity "Snowboard & Handicap" : For the second year running, Sylvain Bréchet, an Egis employee, is the French adaptive snowboarding champion at Les Angles, a resort in the Pyrenees. Partnership with Bic for recycling used pens: All ballpoint pens, felt-tips, specialist pencils, erasers, markers, highlighters, and correctors in tube or mouse form are recovered (except lead pencils), regardless of their brand or material. For every writing instrument collected, €0.02 is donated to the charity or to the school of our choice.

Cameroon: Assitance to populations displaced from the country’s Extreme North

To help the internally displaced populations from the Region of the Extreme North of Cameroon, Egis has collaborated with the Red Cross in organising the collection of food staples and essential goods. More than 250 families, or approximately 1 500 persons in total have been able to benefit from donations contributed by Egis’ staff

In Madagascar: funding three classrooms


As part of the Nouvelle Route du Littoral (Coastal Road) project, Egis made a financial donation to the charity OSCAR to fund the construction of three new classrooms at Agnafiafy general education college in Ile Sainte Marie, Madagascar.

In India: Donating computers to an NGO


Egis India has donated computers to the Indian NGO PVR Nest, a pioneer organisation in the Indian entertainment industry. The aim of its work is to support the education of the most vulnerable children through educational, social and cultural activities ar.

France. Giving second life to building waste with Extramuros

As part of the project to renovate a Haussmannian building*, items of furniture (cash registers, desks, desks, tables) were designed using the old wooden floor of the building. For Violaine Dubreux, head of building and environment PMC* "it is particularly satisfying as part of a project to be able to offer a second life to beautiful aspects of the buildings we renovate". *Delivered in 2014 (Triple BREEAM, HQE, LEED certification - Environmental PMC led by Egis) * PMC project management consultancy

Morocco. Support for five projects led by Experts-Solidaires

With the support of Egis, Experts-Solidaires assisted four towns in the Bassin de l’Oued d’Arghen in Morocco with setting up concrete initiatives for water management: drinking water, sanitation, and integrated resource management. In these towns, residents have access to water from tanks. Sanitation is non-existent in most cases. See the video

The Philippines. Road safety awareness for young residents

Tollways Management Corporation (TMC), the subsidiary of Egis Road Operation* in the Philippines, organised road safety training for young people in communities and students from schools located along the motorway. Specifically designed for young people (aged 18 or under), this training offered scenarios based on practical exercises to facilitate learning. All workshops were led by volunteer employees, demonstrating their commitment to society. *Egis Road Operation, an Egis entity specialising in the operation and maintenance of road infrastructure projects

Cameroon. Give your time, give hope.

Egis Cameroon organised a discovery day for disadvantaged children, residents of an orphanage near the Yaoundé-Ebolowa road construction site. The idea came as the result of an unfortunate event that took place on a site cleaning project. In response, women from Egis's Cameroonian subsidiary organised a solidarity action that was followed by all staff: they decided to give the children from the orphanage an insight into the business world, to encourage them to work hard at school. They visited the construction site and offices, and relaxed together around a meal. This CSR action demonstrates Egis’s commitment to organising voluntary actions as part of its projects, for the benefit of local people. See the video Read the leaflet

India. Helping street children.

Egis teams in India have become involved in the "Main tendue Charity Action" organisation in Delhi and the NGO* Salaam Baalak Trust, in order to fund a nutritional programme for children in the Aasra centre, near the main railway station in New Delhi. For Ashish Tandon, CEO of Egis India "CSR at Egis India is a lifestyle. We encourage our employees to participate in activities that develop their karma and help them grow as individuals. When an employee grows as a person, they automatically grow professionally too.” *NGO: Non Governmental Organisation Find out more

Mozambique. Recycling of construction waste to assist local populations

N14 national road, a construction site that generates concrete-containing wastes. The project is being implemented in an under developed rural area where school buildings are insubstantial structures. Built from wood and thatch, these schools cannot be used for teaching in all weathers. Aware of this, a team of volunteers from Egis had the idea of recycling wastes from the work site to build a school close to the road project.   Read the leaflet

Equatorial Guinea: The DUMASSI project

A school built as part of a community support project for three villages. To contribute to the social development of several villages, Egis decided that, in parallel with its supervision and monitoring of work on the Oyala-Evinayong motorway, it would build a school and a home for the teacher. Inaugurated on 6 September 2013, the school can accommodate between 80 and 100 pupils. With two classrooms, two offices, benches and tables, and a house for the teacher, the children will be able to start the school year in earnest. The project also helped create local jobs in the construction of the two buildings, employee training in this area, and helped generate business for existing companies.

Cameroon – Redevelopment of the Mbéré-Ngaoundere road in Cameroon

As part of the road rehabilitation project for the Mbéré-Ngaoundere road in Cameroon, Egis staff worked with local communities to try and reduce the environmental impact of the project, and launch an educational scheme at the same time. This translated into a tree planting initiative and the creation of environmental clubs in the schools of villages affected by the road project. Thanks to the personal commitment of employees at Egis Cameroon, this simple environmental initiative, became a real social campaign that benefited local people. This collective project helped revive local schools, which had been previously deserted. For more information