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All the transitions currently underway are closely connected to our areas of progress:

Ecological and energy transition (EET) is – and will be for many years to come – at the heart of our strategy for improvement.

It involves all our activities and represents a real opportunity for our group. To speed up this transition, our research and development aims to come up with new business models based on innovation, digital technology and an economy of sufficiency.

These models will be incorporated into our “Sustainable Cities” solution, which we are continuously expanding, and which is also at the heart of our improvement strategies. On all these issues, we will continue to work with key stakeholders in a collaborative way.
With the Caisse des Dépôts (our main shareholder), we are already on track to design and test out transitional solutions in the fields of transport, spatial planning and construction, alongside several companies from the CDC group (Transdev, Icade, SNI, etc.).


  • The Caisse des Dépôts, Egis and La Poste have founded SOBRE, a company which, after a trial phase in the buildings of the shareholder groups, markets digital solutions for managing and reducing the energy consumption of users of corporate/business property. 
  • A pilot project in Lyon to combat UHIs
  • Smart City public interest experiments. Launched by the Caisse des Dépôts to trial a co-construction approach with local authorities, Egis is trying-out a life-sized Smart City approach. For example: low carbon construction with the construction of the Tour Silva wooden tower in Bordeaux, reuse of building materials with Cycle Up at the Olympic Village, and the very first social housing created using 3D printing with Batiprint 3DTM technology, Yhnova.


So as adaptation to climate change

Improving the resilience of the regions that are home to our projects, i.e. their ability to absorb a particular climate disruption and to continue to operate smoothly, remains a priority. For us, this resilience and adaptation to climate hazards is key to the sustainability of infrastructure, in addition to its intrinsic performance.

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Digital transition

From smartphones to Big Data, virtual reality, connected objects, and more, digital tech is everywhere! It has fundamentally transformed our ways of living, thinking, and working and has led our society into a new era. Because digital technology can bring new services to life, we are developing research projects and setting up experiments to put them to the test.

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Demographic transition

By 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities and developed countries, and we will be faced with an ageing population. Egis sees this as an opportunity to develop a co-innovative approach to urban areas, working with local stakeholders and inhabitants to create versatile cities that are good places to live.

In our conduct

The integration of a CSR strategy into our management system remains a constant focus for improvement. Although we have made progress on a number of topics, there is still plenty to do. Working on changing behaviour is a long-term mission that requires support and perseverance. This important campaign was launched several years ago and is being pursued with all management system process coordinators: strengthening HSE policy, managing our ecological footprint (in 2019, Egis commits to becoming carbon neutral by 2050), our ethics and our diversity, strengthening the spirit of innovation at all levels, as well as responsible purchasing, and the reliability of our extra-financial reporting. All of which are longstanding challenges for the group.

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Martine-Jauroyon“Our approach to CSR is neither moralistic nor philanthropic. It is a key focus for improvement and progress, rooted in economic and social reality. It is part of a strategy of sustainable performance for Egis, its employees, its customers and for the populations of all the regions in which we operate. Purpose and Consistency are the driving force behind our work.”

Martine Jauroyon, Director of Business Activity Transformation and CSR