At egis, csr is a source of innovation and opportunities

Innovation – whether technical, methodological or related to business models – represents a powerful competitive edge for Egis and its partners around the world. It is also one of the most striking confirmations of the creativity of engineering, the ability to develop new services that allow the emergence of new tools, new methods and new approaches on a daily basis.

Photo : Laurent Germain Directeur general Egis
Laurent Germain Chief Executive Officer of the Egis group

New publication: 2020 edition of the Innovations Book by Egis

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Download the Book here

“Climate change, the deterioration of biodiversity, the digital revolution, demographic growth and accelerating urbanisation are all major challenges that require us to display ingenuity and technical prowess.

Our innovation policy is at the heart of our three pillars for strategic development: building sustainable cities, mobility and transport of the future and the energy and ecological transition. Innovation and new technologies are our levers for developing the best possible solutions to effectively respond to our customers’ current and future needs.”




Photo : Martine Jauroyon, Directrice Transformation métiers et RSE, Membre du Comité Exécutif du groupe Egis

Creativity is one of Egis’ core values and the source of inspiration which our employees draw from every day to contribute to the major challenges of our time with passion and determination.

The driving forces of our innovation dynamics are founded upon co-innovation with our clients and stakeholders, on strong partnerships with start-ups, research organisations and major industrial groups, and on the rich imagination and motivation of our employees.

The pandemic and the climate and environmental emergency are our impetus to step up our actions to shape a decarbonised and more resilient world of the future, centred on the well-being of people and the protection of natural environments.

Nothing is more valuable today than feeling useful and working towards meaningful projects!

Martine Jauroyon, Chief Transformation and Sustainability Officer, Member of the Executive Committee of the Egis Group




Our innovation policy addresses four major areas:

  • Energy conservation, renewable energy, adapting to climate change and safeguarding biodiversity and preserving natural resources.


Photo : Catherine Jatteau, Directrice Environnement Énergie
“The Environment is an issue that should be addressed in a holistic way. Carbon neutrality, safeguarding biodiversity, reducing noise pollution, restoring air quality, controlling industrial risks, reclaiming polluted wasteland, and the reduction of heat islands are all issues that will contribute to improving our living environment and preserving our planet. They are one and the same battle.”

Catherine Jatteau, Environment & Energy Director


  • Building sustainable, inclusive, smart, desirable and resilient cities.


Photo : François Consigny, Président d’Elioth (groupe Egis)“The future RE2020 regulation is part of the National Low Carbon Strategy and the necessary 1.5°C pathway to address the climate emergency. In addition, beyond the current stimulus plan, the conversion of existing structures, which is less carbon-intensive than new construction, is a key issue in the ecological transition. This is why our teams are constantly working, through R&D actions and as each of our projects progresses, to improve their design methods and minimise the environmental footprint of works, including through eco-design, lower consumption, decarbonation of energy and materials, promotion of the circular economy, etc.”

François Consigny, CEO of Elioth (Egis group)


  • Sustainable infrastructures and related services for connected and ‘seamless’ mobility of the future.


Photo : Elias Seddiki, Directeur Mobilité & Systèmes“From active mobility (cycling, walking, etc.) to sustainable car use (car sharing, reserved lanes, carpooling, self-hire vehicles, etc.) and public transport to electric vehicles or autonomous transport, urban mobility of tomorrow will have to fit in with a sustainable development strategy. This new mobility – which must be connected to enable the development of new services – will be sparing on energy, resources and space, in order to find its place in a low carbon society.”

Elias Seddiki, Mobility & Systems Director


  • Digital engineering, artificial intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) aiding the performance of our clients’ projects and of users of the structures we design and operate.


Photo : Béatrice Gasser, Directrice Technique, Innovation et Développement Durable (groupe Egis)“Engineering professions are constantly evolving. Beyond the necessary proficiency in new digital tools, the very approach to our professions is changing! As the issues at stake become increasingly complex and interlinked, collaborative working is becoming the norm to bring forward more innovative and ambitious projects, which will help shape the world in which we will live.”

Béatrice Gasser, Technical, Innovation and Sustainable Development Director (Egis Group)


A variety of initiatives to boost innovation

Photo : Elena Umanets, Responsable Open Innovation

Co-innovation with our customers lies at the heart of our approach. For every innovative project, at every stage of its development, interaction with the customer is a decisive element, and has a predominant effect on its future success.

From ideation to collaborative work, including the testing of new uses, the customer is placed at the centre of our innovation policy, according to a win-win model.

Innovation at Egis also means working constantly alongside our partners, start-ups, research institutes and major industrial groups, with whom we are always seeking to push back the boundaries of the impossible.

In innovation, just like anywhere else, “there is always strength in numbers”!

Elena Umanets, Open Innovation Manager



Two initiatives to foster the development of ideas and experiments.

Whether the idea comes from our projects, or directly from employees, we value all innovative ideas that emerge. The Group assists its employees during the ideation and creation stages, then guides the cross-functional experiments by using two initiatives:

Logo IdéathonThe innovation competition, the Ideathon, open to all
Designed to encourage the development of innovative ideas, this initiative is open to all consulting and engineering employees and uses a platform to collect ideas and set up multidisciplinary teams. This is followed by a process of conceptualisation which results in the pre-selection of 10 to 12 innovative ideas and teams. A selection competition takes place over two days where the chosen teams are coached by many external experts and internal mentors over two days. This unifying initiative is highly appreciated by employees, and has had three editions, 2017, 2018 and 2020; the latter was opened to international BUs. This initiative achieves several objectives. It stimulates employees’ creativity, trains them to be innovative and to present ideas to a jury made up of partners and clients, fosters unity and synergy among business units and highlights the contributions of participating and winning teams. It also brings to the forefront 30 to 50 ideas per year via an online platform, with a very high rate of participation (around 20% of Egis staff during the 2020 edition).

Ideas incubator ID2M – Idea to Market: a catalyst for cross-functional innovations from employees in addition to their own actions. This programme assists project owners with developing their innovations, creating multi-BU teams and defining their business plan and marketing strategy. Since its implementation in 2013, it has given rise to many Egis gems that would not have been made possible without this initial support. It is a means of bringing the new tools and methods of subsidiaries to fruition. Over the last five years, the ID2M has funded 25 innovation projects and realised 11 business projects, including Seaboost, Wind-It, Sobre, Cycle Up, Phénix, Smart Soil and Landboost.


Concerted efforts in Research and Development

Egis has also carried out concerted efforts in research and development to acquire new expertise relating to state-of-the-art systems and face the technological barriers and difficulties identified in the industries in which it operates.

Egis’ 2020 French Research Tax Credit amounted to €34 million in investment for R&D, representing 3.1% of overall turnover, which places the Group in the higher category along with its international competitors in engineering and construction.

A cross-functional programme

The Innovation/Research and Development initiative is led by the INNOV’NET, a network of innovation correspondents representing all Business Units across the Group.

INNOV’NET is also about involving younger employees through the “New Bees team”, the role of which is to challenge the different projects and to introduce the perspective of the younger generation on emerging business models and new working methods.

The areas we are particularly keen to promote include the cross-functional nature of our businesses, co-innovation with our customers, our strong relationships with start-ups and the development of an intrapreneurial culture.

IDEATHON / Ideathon: Focus on the call for ideas launched by Egis in 2020

Focus sur l’appel à idée organisée par Egis en 2019
Crédit photo : Thibault Empi

For its 3rd edition, the Ideathon was open to Egis’ international teams and to final year students at ESTACA and ESTP. A platform was specially created for participants to post their innovative solutions to the problems of today and the future based on two chosen themes: Transport and mobility of the future and Building sustainable cities. These ideas also had to respond to the issues of climate change and the challenges related to the Group’s digital transformation.

And the winners are: Congratulations to the winning team of Airport Digital Twin, who won the 1st prize. Led by the Helios employees in the Aviation BU, this solution could soon become a new string to Egis’ bow! In 2nd place was the LowCaP solution to calculate carbon emissions of all Egis activities, followed by EMERGER a platform to monitor, analyse, simulate and plan your projects. The jury’s “Coup de Coeur” prize was awarded to the UTOPIA team, a collective and sustainable solution, while the Sibylle project for dynamic master plans won the employee prize. See photos from the event here.

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Key figures

€34 million in 2020, representing a 9.7% increase compared to 2019.

Around one-third of the R&D investment was allocated to sustainable development, accounting for €11 million in 2020.

Our R&D investment also increased in our branches abroad through incentives similar to the French Research Tax Credit.