At Egis, we see CSR as a source of opportunity and innovation

Innovation – whether technological, methodological or related to business models – represents a powerful competitive edge for Egis and its partners around the world. It is also one of the most striking confirmations of the creativity of engineering, the ability to develop new services that allow the emergence of new tools, new methods and new approaches on a daily basis.

For 25 years, Egis has been developing an innovation policy that meets the ever-changing needs and challenges of its public and private clients. This strategy is based on a combination of listening to the market, recognising our customers’ and partners’ needs, and working with specialist high level skills throughout the life cycle of civil works. It involves a very operational approach, aimed at both generating new knowledge and developing new applications.

Our focus points are the pursuit of performance and our response to the major challenges of sustainable development.



In 2016, the Group strengthened its sustainable development policy by focusing its strategy on two main areas: acceleration of the environmental and energy transition of the regions in which it works and boosting innovation……Our mission is to unlock the potential of the regions in which we work and create value for our customers, while respecting nature. How? Through the high performance of our innovation process and the countless possibilities of digital technology, which are the real keys to creating smart cities, converting biological resources into energy and designing differently and sustainably…..The ambition of the men and women of Egis is to devise a better world.”


See the interview of Martine Jauroyon, Chief transformation & sustainability officer

Our innovation policy is structured around five key points:

  • Sustainable infrastructure and associated services for connected and seamless mobility.
  • Energy efficiency, renewable energy and adaptation to climate change by setting our sights firmly on the 2°C global warming limit.
  • Protecting biodiversity and preserving natural resources
  • Sustainable, inclusive, smart, desirable and resilient cities.
  • Digital engineering, artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) to benefit our customers’ projects as well as users of the facilities we design and operate.


An incubator of ideas

Whether the idea comes from our projects, or directly from employees, we value all innovative ideas that emerge. To this end, we have set up an innovation programme called ID2M, from “Idea to Market”, also incorporating Design and Development (D2). The aim of this “incubator” is to work in very short cycles and with the help of different stakeholders in order to develop “proof of concept” for ideas. It involves stopping quickly in the event of a failure (make mistakes faster)… and most importantly, examining the economic models that underlie innovations, upstream of the projects themselves.

Every year, fifteen or so project concepts or developments are supervised by this incubation process, until they reach operational implementation.

The incubator is run by Innov’net, a network of innovation correspondents from all the Group’s Business Units. Innov’net is also about involving younger employees in our projects, through the “New Bees team“, whose purpose is to work with the younger generation to bring a fresh perspective to emerging business models, new working methods, and more.

The areas we are particularly keen to promote include the cross-functional nature of our businesses, co-innovation with our customers, our strong relationships with startups, and the development of an intrapreneurial culture.


As a designer, consultant and operator, Egis influences tens of billions of euros’ worth of construction, and the operation of facilities and amenities used by millions of people all over the world: transport systems, buildings, major infrastructure, cities, and networks of all kinds (water, energy, telecommunications, etc.).

Through the expression of their needs, users and operators of these facilities guide our working methods, from the very early stages of design, to the support we offer for the start-up, maintenance and renewal of facilities and equipment, bearing in mind that the total amount of infrastructure required to meet global needs is now estimated at one trillion dollars.

Today, the world in which we live is undergoing profound changes: faster communication, the digital revolution, ecological and energy transition, demographic change, the disruption of economic models, and changes in society are all completely changing our markets.

To remain competitive in our historic markets and to conquer new ones, we must innovate. The changes to our environment require us to be inventive and technically skilled, in order to develop the best possible solutions and meet the current and future needs of our customers. We must:

  • Update our solutions in our traditional markets by coming up with new business models
  • Conquer new markets thanks to technical innovation or business models transposable from our current markets
  • Anticipate developments in our business activities, attract new talent and speed up the integration of digital tech. in our products/services and production methods

Egis has pursued a strong policy of innovation for many years. With a key strategy of listening attentively to customers and stakeholders, this policy is based on strong specialist skills and the cross-fertilisation of our various businesses. It is also inspired by the fruitful imagination of our employees, who never fail to share their good ideas.

We have updated our innovation processes to improve agility and adopt a more outward-looking approach towards our ecosystem. This new dynamic approach is aimed at developing collaborative innovation with our customers, building stronger ties with start-ups and fostering an intrapreneurship-oriented organisational culture.

For 20 years, we have been pioneers in the field of sustainable development, while developing working methods and tools that improve our performance. We have now to speed up our own transformation to be able to respond to all major transitions – to contribute to the 2°C threshold in particular – and innovation is the key to getting there.

Our innovation strategy supports our development strategy, in line with our company project “Imagine”. In particular, it contributes to the improvement of our performance, the diversification of our activities, and the support through transitions for our customers. Digital transformation and ecological and energy transition are, of course, at the heart of these strategic objectives, whether in our engineering activities, or in turnkey projects and services. It affects the entire company, our various sectors of activity and different functions (operational and support), which are highly interwoven

IDEATHON / Close-up on the call for ideas organised by Egis in 2018

For the second year, the Egis Idealthon was a great success, with the theme “Low Carbon, Engineering and Services”. From May to September, employees from all of the Group’s subsidiaries imagined innovative solutions in the fields of construction, roads, construction, digital, with the objective of significantly contributing to the 2°C trajectory, a key objective of the Paris Agreement. 9 teams have been pre-selected and met on 12 and 13 September 2018 at the Group’s head office in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. The first prize went to a solution to optimize data storage in companies.



IDEATHON / Close-up on the call for ideas organised by Egis in 2017


This year, Egis organised an “Ideathon” (an ideas marathon), for employees interested in working on new topics such as Data & Energy, Environmental and Societal Transition. More than 400 employees signed up and 35 teams were formed to present a project. Four prizes were awarded in recognition of the exceptional work of these “creators of the future”.


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