In 2021, Egis adopted its “Impact the Future” project so that the Group could take the next step in its development and address the most important challenges of the century. Climate change, the deterioration of biodiversity, the digital revolution, demographic growth and accelerating urbanisation are all major challenges that require us to display ingenuity and technical prowess.


Our ambition: become a leading player in intelligent and sustainable infrastructure to combat climate change and improve people’s living environment.

Egis has made the fight against climate change a priority in its business strategy. With the objective of contributing to carbon neutrality in 2050, Egis has developed a range of engineering and operations services that efficiently responds to the challenges of climate change through equipment and infrastructure that produce less carbon and are eco-friendly.

The project’s purpose reveals the guidelines of our commitments relating to Corporate Social Responsibility. Three SD-CSR objectives were selected for the 2021-2026 period in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These are further broken down into 3 objectives:



Objective 1, “Place the environmental challenges of the 21st century at the centre of our business activities and development strategy”, is covered in Egis’ Climate and Biodiversity Plan.