Great Britain : an ultra-marathon to benefit socially and economically disadvantaged young people

Simon Staples, audit manager at Connect Plus Services, an operating company for the M25 in the United Kingdom (and an Egis subsidiary) has set himself the challenge of running in a sponsored event in aid of the Leatherhead Youth Project (LYP) which supports socially and economically disadvantaged young people in Leatherhead. This ultra-marathon, the Windsor Ultra, covering a distance of 43 miles, requires intense preparation. Simon has already completed at least nine marathon distance runs, and two other ultra-marathons. To support the charity, he took part in three of these races over the summer.

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In Qatar : “Play Safe Stay Safe Campaign”, a security campaign for the qataries children

On 25th August 2016, the representatives of Expressway Programme[1] organized the“Play Safe Stay Safe Campaign”  for children at Al Rayaan “Busy Hand Nursery” (from 3 to 6 years old). Through fun activities, such as coloring contest, playing with vehicle toys and watching cartoon about road and construction safety, the children were encouraged to learn about the dangers in connection to road works, using heavy duty machinery and driving. Children are often keen to explore new areas and may display a natural sense of curiosity for anything new that’s going on. Many children view construction sites as playgrounds and think they are fun places to play; because that is what they see in the cartoon “Bob the Builder” (for example). But they need to be told that construction site is very dangerous. The “Play Safe Stay Safe Campaign” , organized under the patronage of Ashghal (Public Works Authority in Qatar),  is part of an educational task of creating a positive attitude towards construction and road safety, in a country, where drivers come from so many different backgrounds, yet the message must be clear: be safe.

Take a look at the Egis Contact International magazine paper on this campaign

[1] Group 8, Project 007 Contract 1

Egis in Brazil: donating warm clothing to homeless people

Egis’s Brazilian teams, in Sao Paulo and Curitiba, organised an appeal for clothing and blankets to help homeless people. From 28 June to 30 August 2016, they collected 80 blankets and 40 items of warm clothing. Find out more about this event 


In Cameroon: delivery of first aid training on the occasion of the international day of women rights

The Cameroon Red Cross organized  two sessions of training in the first aids with the staff of Egis Cameroun on February 26th and March 4th, 2016. 41 people were trained : first and foremost women, but also persons in charge of health, safety and environment on construction sites, drivers,  and loyalty sub-contractors. On the occasion of the international day of women rights on March 8th, a ceremony has been organized in the office of Egis Cameroon for delivery of certificates to the people having done the training course.

Egis supports the Jijel Medina Sports Union in Algeria

As leader of a French-Algerian consortium, Egis is in charge of monitoring and controlling construction of the motorway link between the port of Djen Djen (in the Jijel province) and the East-West motorway (Sétif province) in Algeria. The project spans several years and has offered a key opportunity to create links with neighbouring communities, by supporting young athletes. For this project, the supervising offices are on two sites, Jijel and Sétif. Getting from one to the other means travelling over 100 kilometres. Despite cultural differences and the restrictions on movement imposed by the authorities on expatriates, relations with local people have been easy and warm. Having worked for 36 months on the site, the teams are now widely known and liked. It therefore seemed only natural for Egis to be called upon by the Jijel Medina Sports Union (USMJ) to support a sports project for young people. Find out more about this event 

France : Skills sponsorship for the Samu Social

On 21 June, Egis and Icade signed a skills sponsorship agreement in Paris with the Samu Social de Paris, a French humanitarian emergency service for homeless people and people in social distress. Skills sponsorship means making employees available during their working hours, to carrying out activities for the public good that may or may not make use of their skills. This provision of skills can be evaluated and result in a tax benefit. In this context, Egis and Icade are going to take part in a project to renovate a new Samu Social site offering refuge and care in Paris. This project is located within the Charles Foix Hospital in Ivry sur Seine, and is aimed at people suffering from social isolation. Egis and Icade are therefore pursuing their charity work in the regions by involving their employees.

France : Egis supports the Ilot charity, which takes in people rejected by society or experiencing great hardship

This year once again, Egis is supporting the Ilot charity by donating a part of its apprenticeship tax to it. The apprenticeship tax is used to enhance the socio-educational support that Ilot offers its youngest people, mobilising internal resources and external stakeholders to provide support in computing, teaching French as a foreign language  or job seeking skills.

France : the Odyssea race : together in the fight against breast cancer

With Egis, more than 900 employees from the Caisse des Dépôts group ran or walked together on 2 October at the Hippodrome de Vincennes to raise awareness of breast cancer. In the morning volunteers got the stand ready in the colours of the Group and welcomed the many runners with a special Caisse des Dépôts Bicentennial cap. Just before 9 am, two joelettes set off carrying two very excited children, shortly followed by the huge wave of 10 km runners. This event raised 600,000 euros. Take a look at the video (french  version)

In India: Donating computers to an NGO

Egis India has donated computers to the Indian NGO PVR Nest, a pioneer organisation in the Indian entertainment industry. The aim of its work is to support the education of the most vulnerable children through educational, social and cultural activities


In Madagascar: funding three classrooms

As part of the Nouvelle Route du Littoral (Coastal Road) project, Egis made a financial donation to the charity OSCAR to fund the construction of three new classrooms at Agnafiafy general education college in Ile Sainte Marie, Madagascar.