Egis & CSR – 4 questions to Béatrice Gasser, Technical and sustainable Development Director from Egis on Vimeo.

1st question from Lenaïg Mellaza, Port engineer: Beatrice, the group’s sustainable development roadmap is coming to an end. What will you remember the most from this year?

Last year was all about two important developments. First, we revisited our policy in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals so that we could devote all our energy and expertise to the issues for which we have the greatest leverage. And then we stepped up our work on research and development related to Ecological and Energy Transition, which is one of the main focus points of our corporate project, ‘Imagine’. As a result of these efforts, we manage to create in March 2018, in collaboration with Icade a new start-up called Cycle Up. It is an online marketplace specialised in the material reuse that brings together the supply and the demand.


2nd question from Manoel Celestino, Performance Officer : In 2018, and for the next three years, you have come up with a new plan, can you tell us about this?

Our new plan fits naturally to our business plan and our vocation: imagine, create, achieve a sustainable future. It is structured around three commitments:

–          Taking action for the future regions

–          Taking action for ethical, profitable and sustainable growth,

–          Taking action for employee well-being and development

3rd question from Cédric Barbier, Executiv Director Aviation: One of your objectives is to provide an engineering and operating service that meets the challenges of climate challenge. Could you explain to us what you mean by that?

To keep global warming well bellow the 2° it is a key element for our new corporate social responsibility orientation. Not only in our projects and missions but also in our internal operations. Our responsibility is to advise and warn our customers of the climate risks they incur and to advise solutions that fit to their needs. In each of our business activities, we have to provide concrete and effective proposals. We already have plenty going for us when it comes to responding to climate change and become one of the major actor for the low carbon economy. But for certain activities, our low carbon offer has to be more structured and more visible. In 2018 we will need to develop an action plan for all our businesses to complete their low carbon offer. The 2° pathway is the main theme of Idéathon 2018. There is still plenty we can come up with.

4th question from Emmanuelle Gotkovsky, CSR Officer: For those who want to know more about your sustainable development approach, you developed a very detailed website.  What feedback have you had from your stakeholders on this initiative?

In 2015, we decided to no longer publish a CSR report, and to opt for a website instead. In order to be more agile. For our customers, partners and employees as well, the website provides up-to-date solutions. Nowadays it is all looking positive. If you are not familiar with the website (, please, have a look at it and share your comments and questions.

So, it is up to you now!