Brazil: Egis sponsors the “pernas pra que te quero” event

On 21 June 2015, in the nautical park of Curitiba, Egis took part in the “Pernas pra que te quero” event, a race for children in wheelchairs. Supported by the state of Paraná’s rehabilitation association (APR), the event was inspired by the story of Karolina Cordeiro, who gave up everything to dedicate herself to her son Pedro and run with him when he had just been diagnosed with paralysis. The APR association supports this innovative challenge so that all children, even those with walking difficulties, can take part in Brazil’s second biggest sporting activity; running. The “Pernas pra que te quero” race has welcomed children in wheelchairs to this Curitiba running route, a circuit previously accessible only to able-bodied children. This event enables children to experience the “thrill of the race” thanks to the legs of those who push them. Find out more about this event (Brazilian website)