Mozambique. Recycling of construction waste to assist local populations

N14 national road, a construction site that generates concrete-containing wastes. The project is being implemented in an under developed rural area where school buildings are insubstantial structures. Built from wood and thatch, these schools cannot be used for teaching in all weathers. Aware of this, a team of volunteers from Egis had the idea of recycling wastes from the work site to build a school close to the road project.


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India. Helping street children.

Egis teams in India have become involved in the “Main tendue Charity Action” organisation in Delhi and the NGO* Salaam Baalak Trust, in order to fund a nutritional programme for children in the Aasra centre, near the main railway station in New Delhi.

For Ashish Tandon, CEO of Egis India “CSR at Egis India is a lifestyle. We encourage our employees to participate in activities that develop their karma and help them grow as individuals.

When an employee grows as a person, they automatically grow professionally too.”

*NGO: Non Governmental Organisation

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Cameroon. Give your time, give hope.

Egis Cameroon organised a discovery day for disadvantaged children, residents of an orphanage near the Yaoundé-Ebolowa road construction site. The idea came as the result of an unfortunate event that took place on a site cleaning project. In response, women from Egis’s Cameroonian subsidiary organised a solidarity action that was followed by all staff: they decided to give the children from the orphanage an insight into the business world, to encourage them to work hard at school. They visited the construction site and offices, and relaxed together around a meal. This CSR action demonstrates Egis’s commitment to organising voluntary actions as part of its projects, for the benefit of local people.

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The Philippines. Road safety awareness for young residents

Tollways Management Corporation (TMC), the subsidiary of Egis Road Operation* in the Philippines, organised road safety training for young people in communities and students from schools located along the motorway. Specifically designed for young people (aged 18 or under), this training offered scenarios based on practical exercises to facilitate learning. All workshops were led by volunteer employees, demonstrating their commitment to society.

*Egis Road Operation, an Egis entity specialising in the operation and maintenance of road infrastructure projects

Morocco. Support for five projects led by Experts-Solidaires

With the support of Egis, Experts-Solidaires assisted four towns in the Bassin de l’Oued d’Arghen in Morocco with setting up concrete initiatives for water management: drinking water, sanitation, and integrated resource management. In these towns, residents have access to water from tanks. Sanitation is non-existent in most cases.
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France. Giving second life to building waste with Extramuros

As part of the project to renovate a Haussmannian building*, items of furniture (cash registers, desks, desks, tables) were designed using the old wooden floor of the building. For Violaine Dubreux, head of building and environment PMC* “it is particularly satisfying as part of a project to be able to offer a second life to beautiful aspects of the buildings we renovate”.

*Delivered in 2014 (Triple BREEAM, HQE, LEED certification – Environmental PMC led by Egis)

* PMC project management consultancy