Egis supports the Jijel Medina Sports Union in Algeria

As leader of a French-Algerian consortium, Egis is in charge of monitoring and controlling construction of the motorway link between the port of Djen Djen (in the Jijel province) and the East-West motorway (Sétif province) in Algeria. The project spans several years and has offered a key opportunity to create links with neighbouring communities, by supporting young athletes. For this project, the supervising offices are on two sites, Jijel and Sétif. Getting from one to the other means travelling over 100 kilometres. Despite cultural differences and the restrictions on movement imposed by the authorities on expatriates, relations with local people have been easy and warm. Having worked for 36 months on the site, the teams are now widely known and liked. It therefore seemed only natural for Egis to be called upon by the Jijel Medina Sports Union (USMJ) to support a sports project for young people. Find out more about this event