In Qatar : “Play Safe Stay Safe Campaign”, a security campaign for the qataries children

On 25th August 2016, the representatives of Expressway Programme[1] organized the“Play Safe Stay Safe Campaign”  for children at Al Rayaan “Busy Hand Nursery” (from 3 to 6 years old). Through fun activities, such as coloring contest, playing with vehicle toys and watching cartoon about road and construction safety, the children were encouraged to learn about the dangers in connection to road works, using heavy duty machinery and driving. Children are often keen to explore new areas and may display a natural sense of curiosity for anything new that’s going on. Many children view construction sites as playgrounds and think they are fun places to play; because that is what they see in the cartoon “Bob the Builder” (for example). But they need to be told that construction site is very dangerous. The “Play Safe Stay Safe Campaign” , organized under the patronage of Ashghal (Public Works Authority in Qatar),  is part of an educational task of creating a positive attitude towards construction and road safety, in a country, where drivers come from so many different backgrounds, yet the message must be clear: be safe.

Take a look at the Egis Contact International magazine paper on this campaign

[1] Group 8, Project 007 Contract 1