An agreement on generation contracts (France scope)

In order to achieve the sustainable integration of young people in employment through access to permanent contracts, and supporting the hiring and continued employment of older workers, as well as ensuring the transfer of knowledge and skills, Egis has signed an agreement on generation contracts (an agreement renewed in 2017). It targets young people under 30 and older employees aged at least 50 years old for recruitment and at least 55 years old for continuing in work.

In recent years, the average recruitment rate for those over 50 years of age was 11% and the average employment rate for those over 55 years of age was 15% (both exceeded the objectives we had set)

See our Extra-financial reporting for indicators

See the the Egis ‘s results for the new gender gap index ,  introduced by the French Government  in 2018 to measure companies’ performances in this field.

A diversity think-tank for women’s success

This think-tank started as an informal discussion group with varying formats. Then the organisation became more structured with a quarterly steering committee comprising the CEO, the Director of Human Resources, Director of Talent and members of the think-tank. Today, the objective remains the same: to focus on gender equality and make it a common topic of interest in the company for the long term, to collect data to establish observations, and take action where efforts are needed. 4 major actions are planned:

  • A mentoring scheme.
  • The involvement of women with successful careers in day-long events for new recruits (to show new recruits that women can succeed in an engineering group essentially composed of men).
  • Training of local managers on issues of diversity and self-censorship.
  • Monitoring of specific indicators ; see the extra-financial reporting) + the datawall (proportion of women on governance bodies)

In 2016, a new gender equality agreement was signed for a period of 3 years. It covers recruitment, the development of actions to promote gender equality in schools, initial and in-service remuneration, promotions and career development, training, and work-life balance. Indicators will be used to monitor these actions.

Gender equality

In 2016, a new gender equality agreement was signed for a period of 3 years. It covers recruitment, the development of actions to promote gender equality in schools, initial and in-service remuneration, promotions and career development, training, and work-life balance. Indicators will be used to monitor these actions.

Focus on some highlights :

  • At an equivalent level or function, on average women earn 3.46% less than men. There has been a steady decrease in this pay gap since 2015.
  • Gender wage gap: negotiations were carried out in our subsidiaries to introduce special budgetary measures aimed at reducing the wage gap when clear
    discrepancies are identified.
  • Provision of an e-learning module designed by Alter-égales (the Caisse des Dépôts women’s network) with the aim of raising employees’ awareness of gender diversity and equality.
  • Three discussion workshops were organised in the form of brainstorming sessions at the sites of Lyon, Montreuil and Saint-Quentin on “Diversity at Egis, how does it work?”
  • Egis Cameroon and Egis India celebrated International Women’s Day on 8 March by organising events. In Cameroon, Egis worked with the Cameroonian PROMHANDICAM charity for children with disabilities. In India, interaction and debate took place on the position of women in India.
Testimony of Mariane Sénéchal, Rail project Director at Egis

““Of course, equality is still a long way off, but it’s far better than the 10% female engineering students in my year. More and more women have impressive careers in our business. I’m not saying we have broken down all the barriers, but things are moving forward. ”  And to help things move even faster, Marianne Sénéchal participates actively in the organisation “ESTP* au féminin” (Women at the ESTP) which, every two years, awards a trophy to several outstanding women. (© photo DR)

*ESTP is a french Special school of  public works –


Testimony: Gender equality, a force for the company for Nicolas Jachiet, Egis CEO

« The promotion of gender equality in our organisations and teams is a key challenge for our internal cohesion, external image and quite simply our economic efficiency. The Egis group is keen to break down gender stereotypes, whether male or female. In our business, engineering, these stereotypes are reinforced by the image of an engineer, a man’s job.  And unfortunately, engineering studies are far from evenly balanced: only 28% of engineering students are young women. So it is a challenge for us; it is also an additional incentive for us to build career paths free from stereotypes, from recruitment onwards, as well as promoting these careers through internal and external communication » Nicolas Jachiet, Chairman and CEO of the Egis Group; Excerpts from the Alter-égales 2016 activity report – french version (Alter-égales is the gender equality network of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Group))

A disability unit for developing equal opportunities, together

EGIS_logo-MHEgis is committed to the fight against discrimination, to reversing preconceptions and developing community life with respect for others. In 2010, Egis created a special disability unit made up of a project manager and disability officers in every Group company. For the professional integration of people with disabilities, Egis applies a group agreement established with social partners. The rate of employment of people with disabilities has been steadily increasing for several years now

The Disability Agreement was renewed in May 2016 with union representatives. It includes some new provisions, in particular with regard to teleworking, transport assistance, CESU (special employer cheque books) financed by Egis, and working hours arrangements. An internal social network called “Mission Handicap” has also been created. This network means that we can now centralise all actions and measures undertaken by Egis in terms of integration and job retention. The employment rate of people with disabilities has risen to 2.68%


  • Activities for European Disability Employment Week in November. During the week, a notebook on disabling conditions, along with a free pen, was distributed to all employees in France, a conference on the prevention of diabete or  workshops on “junk food, changing our behaviour” are proposed.
  • Authorised absences for employees with a child who has a severe disability to attend medical examinations.
  • Participation in the diversity sport challenge organised by Agefiph (an organisation working to help people with disabilities to find a job)
  • Participation in TowerRun Incity in Lyon. A 765-step climb for the humanitarian charity Handicap International, with the finish line on the 35th and final floor at more than 150 metres high.
  • Sylvain Brechet, an Egis employee, was crowned French adaptive snowboarding champion for the fourth consecutive year during an event in Saisies, Savoie on 28 March. Egis is a partner of the association Snowboard & Handicap. Find out more
  • In Cameroon, donations were collected from employees and donated by Egis for distribution to children in need as part of a charity campaign for the Promhandicam organisation for children with disabilities.
  • In Great Britain, employees participated in the 8th edition of the World Para Athletics Championships. A bronze medal was won by an Egis intern.

In terms of our projects, Larnaca Airport (Cyprus) was voted the best European airport for facilities and services offered to people with reduced mobility, by ACI (Airport Council International). Chosen from a shortlist of 500 airports in 45 European countries, this is an important recognition from the airport community for this airport, and for Hermes Airports, concession holder of Larnaca and Paphos .


A label diversity for Routalis


Routalis (a subsidiary of the Egis group which operates and maintains the A28 Rouen – Alençon (125km) and the A88 Sées – West Falaise (45km) motorways) has held the Diversity Label* since 2008, which recognises companies for their good practices in all areas of diversity: age, disability, race, sexual orientation, gender equality, political views, etc.  Find out more routalis (french website)

* The diversity label  is awarded by AFNOR Certification, an independent external body, on the recommendation of the permanent commission of labeling, associated with the French Government, trade unions and the ANDRH (National Association of Human Resources Directors).