Responsible purchasing

The Group’s main products and services purchases are managed by the Procurement and General Resources Division and the IT Division. Environmental responsibility is a major component of the selection criteria for purchasing decisions. Egis has introduced a range of measures to ensure responsible sourcing, including vehicle audits and consolidation of travel data (train and plane). Contracting to the sheltered employment sector (ESAT) is another part of our policy and covers a number of clearly identified services, such as catering, printing and maintenance etc.). The contract for the upkeep of the interior windows and glass doors in the new headquarters was awarded to a company in the sheltered sector (as of 2014).

Egis is continuing its work on its policies for travel and vehicles. Vehicles must be ordered from a catalogue of clean, low-emission (CO2 and particulate matter) models.

We are in the process of revising our supplier handbooks to emphasise the information required in line with our QSE policy. We assess suppliers according to our external purchasing and subcontracting procedure, which forms an integral part of our management system”.

Procurement of intellectual services is governed by a number of policies, including our special partners’ Integrity Code and our KYC (Know Your Customer) Code.  To date, management of relations with these different suppliers has not been centralised.

In the field of labour rights, a Code of Human Resources stipulates the commitments that Egis managers are responsible for promoting to the employees and partners working on collaborative
projects: external contractors, co-contractors and subcontractors. Special attention is paid to HR service providers (temporary workers, technical assistance, etc.) providing human resources to entities and worksites, who will be required to commit to the Human Resources Management Code before any contract is signed.


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