The risk management strategy at the Egis Group is led by the Audit and Risk department in liaison with the Technics and Sustainable Performance Department for project-related technical risks. The aim of this strategy is to identify and control the occurrence and severity of potential risks through the implementation and monitoring of appropriate action plans; it also aims to encourage project-related opportunities to be taken within a controlled environment all while protecting the value and reputation of the group.

The company’s risk management strategy relies on the management system’s process leaders and on a network of risk reporters in 12 subsidiaries, including Brazil and India). Each year they identify their major risks and put forward action plans aimed at reducing these, by nominating a leader to take charge of this action plan. The risks identified by the process leaders are consolidated in a map of the group’s major risks. This year, 15 major risks have been managed this way at group level, with two of these linked to CSR criteria: the safety of international travel and business ethics. The Audit and Risks department monitors the evolution of the identified risks and assesses the effectiveness of the action plans implemented.