The risk management strategy in place at the Egis Group is led by the Audit, Risk and Performance Department, in liaison with the Technology and Sustainable Development Department for project-related technical risks. This approach, reinforced by an internal control system rolled out Group-wide, ensures the performance of our activities and the reliability of information used in decision-making. It also aims to encourage the identification of opportunities within a controlled framework while maintaining the value and reputation of the Group.

The risk management system relies on leaders for each management system process and a network of risk correspondents in the different Business Units. These correspondents carry out regular assessments of their major risks, adjusting the processing systems to the risk level desired. The risks identified by the process managers are consolidated in the Group’s map of major risks. This year, 22 major risks have been managed at Group level, 4 of which are related to CSR criteria, but with very different levels of criticality: employee safety, business ethics, discrimination, and forced and child labour.

The Audit, Risk and Performance Department ensures the continuous improvement of the system by regularly evaluating the effectiveness of the action plans implemented in response to identified risks.

Sapin 2 law and et duty of vigilance law (two french law)

  • An action plan relating to risk management and including consideration of the French «Sapin 2» law and the Duty of Vigilance law was reviewed in the first quarter of 2018.
    It is organised until December 2019 .
  • Egis has put in place an alert system that applies to the entire Group on the subjects covered by these two laws.