The world is changing and tomorrow will not be like today. Having realised the need to adapt constantly and quickly to keep up, Egis has developed systems that aim to create momentum, to spread good practices, and to transfer knowledge. Through training, long courses at the Egis Campus university and business activity networks, and thanks to new sharing and communication tools, all initiatives complement or combine with each other.


Egis campus university

egis_campusEGIS Campus implements long courses of high-level training in our company’s strategic areas. Created to support the Group’s growth and meet the challenges of the future, these courses are designed for long-term employees, for whom the group establishes career development plans. They aim to promote the understanding and anticipation of major market developments and key players, develop internal synergies and working methods to support innovative and comprehensive solutions.

Recently, we organised a training course for advanced project managers into which a specific module on sustainable development has been integrated. These project managers are undoubtedly key players in Egis’s business. The ultimate team leaders, they act as ambassadors for sustainable development vis-à-vis the teams and more generally with regard to all project stakeholders.

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Training for building careers

Egis offers its employees a range of training courses and workshops to support them in their careers. In a context of continuous market developments, Egis needs employees whose skills profiles are both broad and specialised, capable of supporting its international development, developing strong expertise in fields for which Egis is sought after, or who have multi-disciplinary skills in certain business activities. In 2014, training efforts were particularly focused on the adaptation of skills and fewer training courses, but which were longer and more targeted were provided. In parallel and in a context of considerable economic constraint, Egis continued to develop new forms of learning such as mentoring, tutoring and e-learning on very specific subjects.

For 2016:

  • In France, 65.2% of employees received an average of 11 hours training.
  • Deployment of an e-learning platform accessible to all employees worldwide, to help train teams on fundamental issues (e.g. health & safety, ethics, etc.)
  • Expansion of training schemes with more time spent on tutoring and creating training/vocational initiatives within the framework of the Group’s strategies
  • Specific courses at Egis Campus university for key groups of people currently in positions and with potential on important strategic areas (customer development, management, project management)
  • A specific project on managerial development for all the entities: launch of the project “Imagine tomorrow’s management”: formalisation of the Group Management Charter
Collaborative tools to speed up discussions and sharing

my-egis-portail-1A collaborative portal called “My Egis” was created for employees to facilitate networking and develop discussions. With a customisable homepage, different areas are offered like technical communities, project sites and social networks. “My Egis” is also a group directory, providing access to the profiles of all employees (position, career, specialist areas, interests, etc.). Very useful when identifying a key skill in sustainable development. A specific community for CSR was established in 2015, for sharing all the news related to this theme (publications, best practices, etc.) and for asking related questions (forum)


Changing work tools and methods: Egis, promoting BIM

Convinced of the benefits of digital technology for its business, Egis has long invested in the field of BIM (Building Information Modelling), and more broadly in Digital Engineering; the digital model used to design and build a structure that better meets user needs, allows customers and stakeholders to enter into projects, take ownership of them, and interact with the teams in charge of the design. It meets their expectation of digital continuity throughout the life cycle of their facilities, from design to construction and operation.

It’s also a great opportunity to enhance our expertise, boost our business and transform our sector, in which we are very active, whether it be through the Plan de Transition Numérique du Bâtiment or the MINnD project for Infrastructure. Leading the way when it comes to research, training and promotion of BIM to its partners, Egis has developed a real expertise and was notably awarded by the BIM d’Argent 2015 for the “L2” motorway ring road in Marseille, fully designed as digital model.

Egis is also investing in the use of big data technology.

There are multiple aims: improving the design of the structures and facilities entrusted to us by taking better account of the way they are used, adapting their operations and developing new services for our customers and end users.

A sustainable development guide for tender managers

To support employees and especially tender managers, Egis has created a booklet on sustainable development. Designed as a methodological guide, this tool offers benchmarks for integrating – at the right time and at the right level – proposals that aim to improve the sustainability of projects.