Customer satisfaction

Because we take part in projects where listening to customers and users is key to project success (compliance with expectations), Egis, beyond any existing certification, needs to be just as attentive to its own customers in order to improve its work.

Every year, each Egis company reports back to the group on the results of the customer satisfaction surveys it conducts. In-house guidelines give an idea of the type of questions to be asked, but each company is free to use its own means (interviews, online survey, paper questionnaire, etc.)

The results of all the surveys and interviews are consolidated at group level based on 10 criteria (commercial strategy, listening and taking into account customer needs, technical contribution to the project, managing the cost of the project, managing project deadlines, compliance with contract deadlines, the adequacy of resources from contract to implementation, CRM, perceived contribution to sustainable development aspects, the image and overall perception of Egis by customers). This consolidation gives an overall picture of how we are perceived by our customers and allows us to initiate preventive and/or corrective actions. A summary of results is presented during the group’s management review, in the presence of senior management.

A commercial organisation that connects with customers

As part of optimising our commercial organisation, in January 2015 the Egis sales and marketing department implemented a shared CRM tool for all Group entities. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps to manage customer relationships and share business information for greater efficiency. A Key Accounts director was appointed. This new organisation aims to develop close partnerships and adjust our offer to customer expectations.

Triple certification

  • 2018: the Egis group has received confirmation that the triple certification of its performance management system is to be continued in the three areas of Quality (ISO 9001), Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001), and Environment (ISO 14001). This confirmation rewards the Group’s efforts to build a unified system for managing sustainable performance. In 2018, 98% of our business was ISO 9001 certified.
  • A dematerialized survey system is in place whether it concerns project or  investigations disconnected from a service.
  • See the manual performance

focus / awards
In 2018 : 

  • Hermes Airports, Hermes Airports, an airport concession in which Egis is shareholder in 20% and operating partner, is the recipient of the MEECO Silver Designation for the period 2018-2020. At the same time, Pafos International Airport won the first award and become “Europe’s Most Accessible Airport” for people with disabilities and reduced mobility ! pour en savoir plus
  • Seaboost has been named Eco-Company of the Year for Innovations in Ecological Engineering and Artificial Reefs in the Sustainable Management of Water and Ecosystems Category. More information on Seaboost
  • Attikès Diadromès, operator of the Athens ring road, received the “Bronze Award” from the Corporate Responsibility Index. The CRI is the reference extra-financial rating agency in Greece. The rating concerns the actions of our subsidiary on the themes society, environment, employees and economy. In 2015, Attikès received a CSR award for its road safety campaigns and numerous environmental awards.
  • Egis has successfully completed a haul of certifications against the new ISO 55001:2014 asset management standard on highways projects in the UK, Ireland, Portugal and Australia. For more information




focus on Egis awards
Awards: Every year Egis receives numerous awards that reflect its commitment and professionalism; See the list