Our contributions to debates with regional players

The group has always maintained good relationships with key stakeholders, owing to its business activities and the need to be open to other external parties. The need for a general understanding of the stakes, for definition and for co-construction have led the group to see dialogue as central to its governance.

Some examples of key contributions: the Palladio foundation, the Green Building Plan, Building Smart International, Medi@construct, Syntec Ingénierie, the C3D, the Energy climate club of Saint Quentin en Yvelines, the BBCA, the associations Oui au Bois and ADIVbois, Certivea, the R20, CEEBIOS Business Clusters, and PIARC.

Supporting the parties involved in the construction of Cities and places to live with the Palladio foundation

Fondation PalladioThe Palladio foundation was originally initiated by companies in the real estate industry, but now brings together all sectors and activities affected by the issue of urban development. It was created in 2008, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, to focus on 21st century’s most pressing challenge: the construction of cities and their living spaces. It is the place where City policymakers, thinkers, investors and directors work together on designing the city of tomorrow. It works directly with stakeholders by creating the support tools necessary for taking a step back (institute), preparing links (future cluster) and anticipating developments (research centre). The exchange of viewpoints between leaders and experts, students and business activities, PhD students and operational managers, allows the Foundation to foster a process of careful questioning, an open-minded approach, and mutual support.

Egis, a sponsor of the Palladio Foundation.

Discover the Palladio Foundation – french website
To prepare for future Building regulation, Egis is part of the working group on “Responsible building debate 2020-2050” as part of the Green Building Plan.

Plan Bâtiment DurableIn 2011, in order to fully participate in the debate that will come to define new construction in France, Philippe Pelletier, Chair of the Green Building Plan, created a working group dedicated to discussions about responsible building between 2020-2050, co-chaired by Christian Cléret (CEO of Poste-Immo) and Alain Maugard (Chairman of Qualibat). Based on the premise that a responsible building is first and foremost a well-designed, well-made and well-occupied building, and taking into account the initial feedback from the RT2012, the working group has based its study on three key ideas:

  • Moving away from focusing solely on energy efficiency, to embrace a wider field of criteria (region, environment, comfort, etc.)
  • Bringing together obligation and desire
  • Targeting a wider audience, that is to say all the parties involved in the life cycle of buildings (public authorities, investors, project owners, project managers, contractors, operators, users)


Egis, promoting BIM

Committed to research, training and promoting innovation among stakeholders in the building industry when it comes to BIM, Egis is the champion of this revolution both in France and abroad.

Exemples de projets auxquels Egis contribue activement :

  • Building SMART International

Founded in 1995, BuildingSMART International or BSI brings together nearly 500 members across 24 countries, all professionals in the construction sector. Its fundamental mission: “supporting qualitative, economic and environmental improvements in the construction industry through better sharing of information, based on open international standards”. The main result of the work carried out by this international organisation is the creation and development of IFCs or “Industry Foundation Classes”

Christophe Castaing, Director of the Digital Engineering programme is Chairman of the Building SMART Infra-Room. He has been elected “companion” at the international buildingSmart summit held from 25 to 28 March in Düsseldorf, Germany. This award recognizes his commitment to international cooperation for the development of open BIM and the digital transformation of construction.

  • Medi@construct  / PTNB [1]

Mediaconstruct is the French chapter of BuildingSMART International, in charge of a set of standards relating to digital modelling. So in France, Mediaconstruct is the main developer of the concept of standardised “open” digital modelling. It brings together all the stakeholders of the construction industry, professional organisations, and companies. A comprehensive network of construction stakeholders, Mediaconstruct therefore provides a neutral forum for dialogue and consultation. As a trusted third party, it works alongside public authorities to encourage the widespread use of BIM in France and participates in international work on standardisation and interoperability. In this context, Egis participates in the PTNB, a plan aimed at speeding up the deployment of digital tools throughout the entire building sector.

Christophe Castaing, Director of the Digital Engineering programme, is Vice-Chair of Medi@construct and chairs the Scientific and Technical Committee.

  • The National MINnD project, a collaborative project to model the interoperable information of sustainable infrastructure

In engineering, plans, notes, records and files are now known to have their limits. The first challenge is therefore to focus on more structured information by modelling it, as well as by creating international exchange standards and developing the right tools, whether they be cross-functional like the digital model, or more specialised, such as tools specific to each stakeholder. This is the purpose of the National MINnD Project, a collaborative research and development project supported by the MMSE (French Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea) taking place over 4 to 5 years from March 2014.

  • Eduction Component: Egis is involved in many BIM training courses. Examples:
    • The BIM Masters at ENPC; Christophe Castaing is responsible for the Operational Project Management module of this Master’s degree
    • EDUBIM: initiated by the MINnD project in collaboration with the French Education Inspectorate, is a forum for meetings and exchanges between educational institutions in the Construction sector, companies, engineering companies, project owners, software developers, and more. Training days are devoted to digital modelling and BIM
    • The CESI Advanced Masters in Building Project Management, specialising in BIM and digital modelling
  • Egis is a member of the Smartbuildingalliance. A label that allows professionals to transform the way professionals work in the building industry by using new technologies such as the numerical model (BIM), the Cloud or Big Data. It aims to become the frame of reference for specifying the degree of openness and connectivity of ‘Smart Buildings’. It establishes the criteria and conditions for the emergence of value-added services, aimed at increasing the economic value, and use of the building.

[1] Digital Transition Plan for the Building Industry

  • For more information on BIM at Egis
  • Read the paper on Egis’s blog ” How to square ecological transition with digital progress ? There are very many exciting and inspiring examples of how digital tech contributes to the ecology and energy transition (EET). But we should not allow ourselves to be led into the temptation of irresponsible progress which might exacerbate the problem and leave us in a worse state than the initial evil…”
focus interview

TESTIMONY from Christophe CASTAING, EGIS – “The MS BIM meets a need of companies to train young engineers or architects to meet the market demand thanks to the expertise and experience acquired by all companies in the sector: builders, engineers, architects, and builders. The challenge is to make participants able to intervene, using the BIM methodology, throughout the project life cycle process, from design to procurement and life cycle management.”
TESTIMONIAL 2019 from Martine JAUROYON, Business Transformation and CSR Director at EGIS – “90% of the design of our books will be in BIM by 2020; this represents 400 million euros. Concretely, in less than two years, we will double the turnover of operations carried out in BIM.»; lire le témoignage (in french)

copyright Aurélia Blanc

Supporting the engineering profession with Syntec Ingénierie

SyntecSyntec-Ingénierie (S.I.) is the largest federation of engineering professionals. It brings together companies that provide technical assistance or studies, engineering, technology consulting, control and inspection. These companies work in the fields of construction (building, infrastructure, environment, rail, water), industry and technology consulting (oil & gas, nuclear, aerospace, automotive, energy, chemistry, etc.). Protecting the interests of companies in these sectors remains the first priority of SI.

Nicolas Jachiet, CEO of Egis, was appointed as Chairman of SI from September 2014 to November 2018. He is now a member of the board of Directors.

Egis is also represented on several boards. The aim is to promote French expertise and protect and promote the profession.

A few years ago, a CSR Club was created. Its role is to identify common CSR indicators for the profession, and to draft a practical guide (relayed by MEDEF). It also works with ratings agencies and service providers such as Ecovadis and Acesia to adapt the rating criteria to engineering activities.

In 2017, as part of the mobilisation for the Assises de la Mobilité symposium (following the national consultation launched in September 2017 by French Minister of Transport, Elisabeth Borne, with all  stakeholders in the transport sector and French citizens), Egis, through Syntec-Ingénierie, actively contributed to the “position paper” for engineering. Fourteen proposals were presented, with the focus on governance, funding methods and concrete actions to develop a truly multimodal transport offer.

See the 2018 Activity Report



Pour accélérer la transformation du monde avec le  collège des directeurs du développement durable (C3D)


C3D is an organisation bringing together over 125 sustainable development (SD) and CSR directors from companies and public and private organisations representing over 2.5 million workers in France. Companies’ attitudes to their own role is changing: the value they create is also environmental, social and societal; their responsibility is also to contribute to the general good, whether this involves creating solutions to combat climate change or the emergence of a more inclusive society. Within companies, Directors of SD and CSR are major players in this transformation. The C3D brings these people together to facilitate and accelerate this transformation, increasing their efficiency through collective intelligence, and promoting it in the public arena.
Martine Jauroyon is an active member of the C3D (she was a member of the board of directors for 6 years before this).
In 2017, the book became an interactive platform, accessible online. See the Egis pages

Taking action at local level with the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Energy Climate Club

club climat energie

Founded in 2013, the purpose of the club is to promote the integration of climate and energy issues across the region of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and, by association, in neighbouring areas, in order to improve the sustainability, quality of life, innovation and economic performance of the region, as well as to initiate any action that could directly or indirectly serve this social purpose or could facilitate its extension and development.

Effigreen Consulting, under the responsibility of the Board, and made up of 20 companies (including Egis), is in charge of coordinating the club, including the design and management of meetings in the form of workshops, working groups and conferences. Egis has hosted club meetings several times at START, a new building that houses the Egis group headquarters in Guyancourt.

In December 2017, the club organised a conference entitled “from eco-districts to smart cities” (see the slides). For several months now, the club has been working on a plan to pool our business travel to train stations and airports.

See their program for 2019-2020 (in french)


Pour promouvoir un monde décarbonné  avec l’Association Bâtiment Bas Carbone (BBCA)

BBCAEgis is one of 44 founding members of the Association Bâtiment Bas Carbone (BBCA). This organisation was the result of a desire on the part of numerous stakeholders in real estate, construction and ecology to work together on reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and thus contribute to the fight against global warming.



Promoting wood

boisElioth[1] is a member of the club “OUI au bois” (Yes to Wood) and director of the organisation Francilbois in the Research and Innovation group.

The “OUI AU BOIS” club was created by Bois.com to showcase and promote the use of wood in construction, development and renovation in France. Its mission is to encourage decision-makers with the potential to develop a wood-based project to go in this direction, and to promote the work of professionals who have worked on construction or renovation projects where wood has played a significant role. This approach is based on a favourable context for the use of wood:

  • High stakes in terms of construction and renovation for social housing and public buildings, as well as individual housing and commercial buildings.
  • A renewable and recyclable material known for its green credentials,
  • Available and diverse resources to fulfil a variety of needs
  • Industrial companies and entrepreneurs ready to meet market demand.


[1] Egis entity specialised in innovative structures, building envelopes, and environmental design


ADIVbois :

Egis is a member of Adivbois, an organisation for the development of wooden housing. This organisation is involved in the “industrie du bois” (wood industry) plan and works to promote French wood resources, expertise and innovation. It is committed to sharing feedback and building constructive partnerships. It has its sights set on creating a replicable and exportable concept for high-potential markets.


Developing standards with Certivea/Effinergie

hqe-effinergieAppointed by AFAQ AFNOR Certification, CERTIVEA grants Effinergie+ and BEPOS-Effinergie 2013 labels in association with the French Standard (NF) certification for Tertiary Buildings and Sports Facilities.
Within CERTIVEA, Egis is a member of various working groups on the development of environmental guidelines. Egis has a representative who is recognised as competent by Certivéa for assisting with projects engaged in a certification process.

Find out more – french website
For sustainable waste management

R20 (R20 Regions of Climate Action) is an NGO founded in 2010 by Arnold Schwarzenegger, with UN support. It is a coalition of sub-national governments, private companies, international organisations, NGOs and academic and financial institutions. Its mission is to help sub-national governments to implement low-carbon projects and to communicate best practices and policies in the field of renewable energy, in order to create a green economy. The particularity of the NGO is its work at regional level. R20 believes that this is the best place to start, with sub-national governments being the best placed to implement sustainable projects using renewable energies, since they are the only ones fully aware of the resources available in their region. Based on a “bottom-up” strategy, successful projects implemented at sub-national level are reproduced on a national and international scale, so that they can have a global impact.

During the World Climate Summit held at the Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn, on the sidelines of COP23, Egis and the R20, as part of their joint initiative, Waste Project Facilitator (WPF), signed Letters of Intent with project developers in Mali and the Ivory Coast. For the WPF initiative, Egis will need to support three municipal waste management infrastructure projects; from feasibility studies to financing by national and international funds. Launched in June 2017 by Egis and the R20, the WPF is an innovative organisation whose aim is to support and fund technical, economic and legal feasibility studies for waste management infrastructure projects. Eventually, the WPF will help open up the market for environmental facilities in the field.

See the summary

More information on R20
Drawing inspiration from the living world and capitalising on the solutions and inventions produced by nature: Egis, partner of CEEBIOS


The CEEBIOS is the European Centre of Excellence in Biomimicry, based in Senlis, France. It brings together a skills network for biomimetics, supports innovative projects, provides training, communicates on the strengths of biomimicry (conferences, publications etc.) and demonstrates these through convincing results.

Egis is a partner of this centre and participates in the strategic innovation group dedicated to bio-inspired habitats.

Find out more about CEEBIOS
Developing synergy and cooperation on a common theme:
Egis is a member of four business clusters


A business cluster brings together businesses of all sizes, as well as research centres and training institutions in a given region, with the aim of developing synergy and cooperation around a common theme.

The challenge is to build on the synergies and collaborative innovation projects so that companies engaged in these partnerships can take a leading position in their markets, in France and abroad

To date, Egis is a partner in four business clusters in the fields of water and transport.

Find out more about AEROSPACE VALLEY Find out more about I-TRANS Find out more about EAU Find out more about LUTB
Making progress on the road together with PIARC

AIPCRThe World Road Association (PIARC) brings together the road administrations of 121 governments and has members (individuals, companies, authorities, organisations) in over 140 countries. It encourages discussion and the sharing of knowledge on roads and road transportation.
Egis is particularly involved in PIARC through the French Committee and participates in many of its technical committees. As many as 8 experts address issues such as the environment, climate change, etc. and are required to lead meetings and/or contribute to important PIARC publications.

Find out more about AIPCR

Alongside these key contributions, Egis is involved in many other institutes and agencies through memberships and partnerships with  Vivapolis , AFGC, AFTES, AMORCE , ANRT, ATEC /ITS France , Construction 21FIDIC, IBTTA, IDRRIM, INDURA IREX, IRF, IRT Railenium and the Eway consortium.