Because progress cannot be achieved without it being measured, Egis has voluntarily set up a system of non-financial reporting. It is structured in light of the economic, societal and environmental challenges to be taken up.

This is one of the tools of dialogue with our stakeholders for achieving long-term performance and reporting on our progress. It is partially based on the indicators recommended by the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), which is the most widely recognised and most commonly used reference document in the world. Monitoring of those indicators enables the continual improvement of our performance. Your comments are welcome, feel free to give us your opinion by writing to this address


Following the ordinance and  decrees of July and August 2017 (French regulation) which transposes the European directive of October 22, 2014 and amends Article 225-102-1, the “Grenelle II” law  is replaced by the presentation of a “Non-Financial Performance Statement – NFPS”. In response to this change, Egis has published annually its NFPS since 2018, which presents the business model, the social and environmental consequences of our activity, our main extra-risks, the policies we implement to prevent them and the results of those policies.

2021 | Non financial performance statement (NFPS)


2020 | Leaflet CSR indicators


2020 | Non financial performance statement (NFPS)


2019 | Leaflet CSR indicators


2018 | Leaflet CSR indicators


2019 | Non financial performance statement (NFPS)


2017 | Leaflet CSR indicators


2016 | Leaflet CSR indicators


2015 | Leaflet CSR indicators


2014 | Leaflet CSR indicators


2013 | Leaflet CSR indicators


2012 | Leaflet CSR indicators


nb 1: For 2012 to 2015 : Format A3 of the feaflet, which complies in 4 then in 2 as a road map

nb2: in addition of those reporting, you can read the annual report and its appendices of the Caisse des Dépôts – french document (our majority shareholder)