Following the ordinance and  decrees of July and August 2017 (french regulation) which transposes the European directive of October 22, 2014 and amends Article 225-102-1, the “Grenelle II” law  is replaced by the presentation of a “Extra-Financial Performance Statement – DPEF”. In response to this change, Egis  published its DPEF, available HERE which presents the business model, the social and environmental consequences of our activity, our main extra-risks, the policies we implement to prevent them and the results of those policies.







A verification by an independant third party organisation



As required by the regulations, the NFPS must be verified by an independent third party organisation (ITO). The company Mazars was tasked with providing this service, which resulted in an audit followed by the production of a reasoned opinion. The auditors have not identified any significant anomaly or misstatement that would call into question the fact that the non-financial performance statement complies with the applicable regulatory provisions, or that the information, taken as a whole, is presented in a sincere way, in accordance with the Guidelines. The reasoned opinion is attached to the NFPS.

Extra financial reporting

Since 2012, Egis has been committed to voluntary extra-financial reporting. This exercise allows us to anticipate regulatory changes, but above all to learn to value and structure a set of positive actions for monitoring “CSR risks”. In connection with our performance approach, every year we collect a lot of data related to the description and management of our activities (operating as business activities) in line with the indicators requested by the Caisse des Dépôts our majority shareholder. The whole is audited each year on the sincerity of the information published.


We use this material in several ways:

● For our own management needs.
● To respond to CSR questionnaires and audits commissioned by our customers (especially in industry and public development assistance.)
● To contribute to the extra-financial reporting of the Caisse des Dépôts, our majority shareholder.
● For our annual publication CSR reporting.


In this In this report, each item is illustrated by indicators, highlights and strategic aims of the current year. In line with our SD/CSR roadmap, extra-financial reporting needs to take on an increasingly strategic management role. This content is gradually evolving, as our business and our operations develop, and as new demands emerge. It is a way of ensuring we keep to our commitments, by encouraging questions and suggestions from our stakeholders.