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Egis helps its customers find lasting solutions to problems of supply, storage, treatment and distribution of drinking water in France and around the world.


Egis’s experts assist decision-makers with:

  • the design and diagnosis of water supply systems
  • the identification and validation of surface and groundwater resources
  • assessing water demand
  • the implementation of investment programmes
  • the preparation of master plans for drinking water supply systems
  • design studies, implementation plans, and preparation of tender documents
  • works supervision
  • the management of municipal or private water systems
  • leak detection and reduction of water losses

Focus: an inventory of water resources in Tanzania

To meet the current and future needs of the city of Arusha, AUWSA (local operator) has mandated Egis to draw up an inventory of existing surface and groundwater resources. The purpose of this assignment is to identify reliable drinking water sources that are sustainable and resilient to climate change. Auwsa  supplies drinking water to a population estimated at 550,000 people in 2015, corresponding to a water demand of 94,000 m3/day. According to forecasts, demand could increase by 50% between now and 2030.

To find out more, see the Egis Contact article 


24-hour drinking water for people in Nairobi, Kenya



The Ruiru II project in Kenya, which includes a 55m-high dam, a raw water transfer and a water purification station, aims to supply safe drinking water to the more than 300,000 inhabitants of Nairobi. Egis is conducting comprehensive studies of all the project’s works as part of a consortium of Vinci Group companies.