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Adapting urban furniture to its surroundings. Using cellter as an example, a photovoltaic canopy structure

Developing “smart” and multifunctional public facilities (lighting, energy production, internet connection, etc).

Elioth, an Egis entity, designs street furniture integrating energy production solutions.

For example, with its Cellter project, Elioth has created a photovoltaic canopy structure for sheltering vehicles and recycling rainwater

Cellter photovoltaic shelters enable production of energy in urban spaces already occupied for other purposes. Its special design means it can be adapted for use in car parks or integrated with urban furniture (advertising display panels, bus shelters, kiosks, etc). Elioth lab is proposing a new low-cost design to optimise the electricity production of a photovoltaic parking shelter. Drawing its inspiration from solar concentrator systems, the Cellter photovoltaic shelter is based on the principle of concentration of radiation by a fixed reflector. The system uses a mirror to reflect as much sunlight as possible onto the photovoltaic surface to ensure optimum electricity production.

For details, see the brochure (french version)