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An eco-neighbourhood

The reconversion of industrial and port land for the construction of a new sustainable neighbourhood


The Flaubert eco-neighbourhood project will contribute to regenerating a 90 hectare section of the city port interface, currently inaccessible but with significant urban potential. It will ultimately accommodate almost 10,000 users, making it an efficient solution to urban sprawl and the use of natural spaces by developing an urban wasteland that is heavily impacting the environment. This eco-neighbourhood project will offer 448,000 sqm of floor area including 42% housing, 4% business, 49% offices, 1% shops and 4% equipment. As part of its urban project management mission Egis implemented and monitored the project’s sustainable development management system, focusing on seven strategic objectives:

  1. Fully integrating the neighbourhood into its urban environment.
  2. Creating favourable conditions for alternative and sustainable travel.
  3. Creating pleasant living conditions for all.
  4. Achieving energy efficiency.
  5. Improving ordinary and extraordinary biodiversity.
  6. Making the most of the location of the site along the Seine.
  7. Involving local people and regional stakeholders.