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An underground data-centre in Saumur

Building on the past to develop in the future.

In a real first, this project uses the thermal characteristics of underground quarries to naturally cool servers without resorting to air conditioning. It’s a model that will have a direct impact on the data centre’s operating and investment costs, as well as its environmental footprint.

Project supported by the Pays de la Loire region, the Conseil Général du Maine-et-Loire and Saumur Agglo. Initiated by SOPRAF, it brings together a consortium of stakeholders: the agency Enia Architectes, the telecom operator Céleste, and the Elioth* and Critical Building pairing, both data centre experts.

datacenter_copy_ENIA Architectes _Consortium PRI Monde Souterrain

Data storage needs are continuing to grow. Owing to land availability, thermal inertia and security, the subterranean environment is the ideal place for meeting the ecological, economic and security challenges of the data centre activity.
To check and confirm the hypothetical energy savings, a prototype data centre with very low energy consumption is being developed in the underground tunnels of Saumur, which will use the physical and thermal characteristics of the underground environment in order to naturally cool the servers.

This project illustrates:

  • The ability of our teams to support operations related to data centres and more generally, to develop digital infrastructure for the regions.
  • The need to combine on-site physical instrumentation approaches with digital simulation technologies, to support more avant-garde projects.