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Astainable demonstrator

Based on complete 3D modelling of the city of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, taking into account all the parameters specific to the area, the Astainable® digital demonstrator8 offers a wide range of French solutions tailored to the needs of the city that contribute to reducing its environmental footprint. Astainable® incorporates 350 French technical, industrial and engineering solutions in the areas of eco-mobility, energy, digital cities, responsible water and waste management and sustainable construction.

The need for sustainable cities is still as pressing as ever, driven by three key emergencies:

  • environmental, the consequence of rapid global urbanisation, with 2.5 billion more people living in cities by 2050;
  • social, a result of urban migration for economic purposes;
  • economic, which means building faster and cheaper.

This project relies on a consortium of stakeholders, business clusters, technological research centres, and French companies that work on the various issues involved in sustainable cities. In February 2014, it won the call for projects issued by the French Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Treasury Department (DGT) and the Mayor of Astana. The initiative showcases a digital demonstrator. This interactive urban design tool is intended to support stakeholders brought together under the Vivapolis umbrella brand, whose aim is to promote international sustainable urban development.

Astanaible_Screen Ile sur l'Ishim
Astanaible_Screen Ile sur l’Ishim

To this end, Astainable® is implementing eco-mobility solutions in order to provide multi-modal transport solutions that will reach across the city of Astana between now and 2030. In terms of urban ecosystems, the project is committed to protecting resources, through integrated management of the large water cycle, as well as promoting the services provided by nature, reintroducing local agricultural production in the city, and recycling and reusing collected waste. In the field of energy, the main goal is to achieve up to 30% renewable energy in the energy mix. Finally, efforts will be made to improve the entire existing building stock, through renovation and new buildings with very high energy performance.

The following have been put forward for this simulator:

  • A master plan for “fast and soft mobility”.
  • A complete network of public spaces that runs throughout the city, structures its urban composition, and reveals – through immersion in the simulator – a real comfort of use for its inhabitants.
  • An energy mix comprising 30% renewable energy, and smart solutions for the management of energy networks.
  • Innovative solutions to optimise the urban ecosystem in terms of:
    • waste (collection and energy recovery),
    • water (collection of the resource, supply, collection and treatment of storm water, recycling of grey water requalification of wetlands),
    • ecological engineering with a focus on “nature in the city”  (urban agriculture solutions),
    • eco-tourism to showcase the great Kazakh traditions.
    • sustainable construction (eco-lodges, summer residences, high performance buildings, etc.).

For this major project, Egis brought together its best engineers, urban planners, architects, sociologists, landscapers, etc., to offer responses suited to the context of this new urban space, so promising for French expertise.

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