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biodiversity assessments

The city is an entirely artificial environment, constructed, maintained and continually transformed by humans. Nevertheless, it is still home to biodiversity of varying levels and quality and partially connected to the regions which surround it. Every development that modifies spaces with a natural character: afforestation, public parks, private gardens, vegetable gardens, tree alignment, ground-level areas, roadsides, green buildings, etc. all disrupt the fragile balance of the living world in the city.

Positive biodiversity actions with Icade

Apart from the obvious, intrinsic value of biodiversity, it also makes a significant contribution to the comfort and living environment of the city’s inhabitants. A few cool areas for the summer heat, some recreational spaces for the community, that kind of thing. But also, a visual and sound environment that everyone can enjoy. Not to mention the regulation of water flow, which plays a crucial role in flood protection, air quality, and so on. That’s why, before every Icade property development, our Environment teams carry out a flash diagnosis to assess the biodiversity on the building plot, so this can be taken into account in the design of the real estate project. This approach should be continued during the life cycle of real estate projects for important ecological added value

The Biodiversity Flash Diagnosis is a method specifically developed by the Egis Biodiversity teams to support ICADE in its proactive approach to developing new real estate projects with positive biodiversity.  Based on the analysis of several specific criteria, the methodology is used to establish a suitable ARC (Avoid, Reduce, Compensate) strategy for biodiversity on the site:

  • Field diagnosis,
  • Recommendations for a project with positive biodiversity.

The methodology, The analysis focuses on the following criteria:

  • Main features: ground cover, topography, hydrography
  • Ecological context: protective or inventory zoning, permeability (CBS), habitat/wildlife diversity, connectivity, etc.
  • Summary of regulatory issues and risks: regulatory risk, protected species, wetlands, land clearing, etc.
  • Assistance to project developers: The Biodiversity Flash Diagnosis is a pledge to any property developer of the feasibility of their project with regard to the regulatory challenges and constraints specific to biodiversity, in light of the growing importance of the issue.  It is also a fantastic opportunity to raise project developers’ awareness of best practice for biodiversity, both in terms of planning and managing natural spaces.

A specific project team has been set up to ensure an “agile” response and intervene in very fast time frames.