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Carb’Elioth, the carbon calculator to assess the GHG emissions related to construction, operation and the demolition of buildings to help with design

The tool takes into account the carbon emissions of materials and their transportation as well as the building’s energy consumption throughout its life.

The objective of Carb’Elioth is to enable project managers to establish a simplified carbon footprint of their project in just a few minutes, even if they are not experts in this field. Indeed, one of the challenges is to be able to inform partners, architects and project owners about the emissions generated by projects well in advance, and advise as to the most virtuous possible solutions.

This tool also helps give baselines for evaluating projects, which helps to establish their “carbon performance”.  For example, a “classic” concrete office building emits on average 120 kg CO2e/m² during its construction. According to a series of studies carried out, it was found that the structure represents about 60-70% of the materials emissions. The façade accounts for about 10% while the finishings represent around 20%, much of which is due to flooring. The designer’s total leverage (by playing around with the choice of materials) is around 50%. An all-wood building that uses all the “best carbon options” for the façade and finishings would therefore be around the 60 kg CO2e/m² mark.