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Carpooling as a solution to congestion

Of the 13.5 million people who drive to work every day, 90% travel alone. Increasing the average occupancy rate for commutes from 1.08 people per car (current rate in France) to 1.20, would solve the majority of traffic congestion problems. Egis promotes the use of carpooling by offering a full range of infrastructure (reserved lanes, carpooling rest stops, etc.) and equipment (signalling, enforcement, etc.), all while incorporating the requisite interfaces with systems for organising carpooling.


Our expertise

Travel and mobility studies

  • Regulatory analyses
  • Assessing the relevance of carpooling and the impact on traffic
  • Traffic modelling and simulation

Creation of reserved lanes

  • Comparison of different layout possibilities
  • Dynamic lane management opportunities
  • Location of carpool rest stops
  • Equipment, signalling and regulations

Introduction of carpool speed enforcement systems

  • Advisory speed cameras
  • Automated carpool speed checks
  • Sanctions for offenders

Launch and monitoring of the system’s operation

  • Strategies and operating policy
  • Development of the operating policy
  • Writing operating procedures

Development of specifications

focus interview
Carpooling is still in the experimental stages in France, but already projects are coming thick and fast. From La Rochelle to Grenoble, Bordeaux to Lyon, this new vision of the individual vehicle holds much promise:

  • A decrease in traffic congestion resulting from a reduced number of vehicles travelling on roads
  • A decrease in air pollutant emissions
  • A new travel option that works alongside existing transport solutions