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Domestic hot water with Maxwell’s Demon

Prototype, production d'eau chaude, climatisation,

Elioth has developed an innovative and revolutionary design dedicated to secure water supply and the production of domestic hot water. The project involves a new architecture that “untangles” the hot from the cold in the water network while allowing the storage of these resources.
In many situations, especially when setting up site facilities or in precarious surroundings, the following issues are crucial:

  • How to secure water supply
  • How to have sufficient storage in case of network failure
  • How to ensure the sustainability of water availability in case of interruption to the power grid
  • How to have a source of passive pressure for transportation of fluids
  • For hot water production, how to produce in an efficient, pooled and inexpensive way
  • How to simultaneously reduce the risk of bacterial proliferation in network water
  • How to capitalise on this production of heat to reduce the cooling needs of autonomous systems (air source heat pump)

Using these modules, in a sunny area, daily hot water production would be in the order of 5000 litres of water at 50°C. The device has its own energy source: photovoltaic roof panels, a water-source heat pump or possibly wind turbines fuel pumps for storing water in two tanks,
The storage capacity also help to reduce, and even do away with, electrical storage; thus limiting investment and maintenance.


Maxwell’s Demon provides a robust and economical response to these fundamental challenges and provides a simple solution to urban resilience.

This project is exemplary because it foreshadows a new generation of urban objects and a new type of infrastructure. Just like the construction industry, which has taken the first steps by offering examples of positive energy buildings, the objective is to develop Positive Infrastructure. Maxwell’s Demon responds to the major challenges of water supply in developing countries, such as securing its availability. At the same time, the installation’s energy system provides efficient standalone production. Ultimately, Maxwell’s Demon is a simple and low-cost system whose technical and economic relevance lies in the availability of all of its components.