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Ecological inventories and regulatory studies

Egis’ multidisciplinary ecological experts are active in the implementation of innovative solutions in ecological engineering and biodiversity in order to safeguard the interests of stakeholders and the environment.

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Egis is involved in biodiversity both within the scope of projects and site rehabilitation operations. Its main services are:

  • Diagnosis and assessment of fauna/flora, habitats, wetlands, invasive species
  • Regulatory issues,
  • Project management for ecological engineering,
  • Evaluation (environmental assessments) and ecological monitoring.
  • A positive approach to biodiversity: quantitative and qualitative assessment of the impact of a project and proposal for a strategy for conservation and increasing biodiversity, particularly in urban areas.


Environmental DNA

Egis Environnement is part of the VigiDNA network for conducting environmental DNA appraisals as part of its biodiversity inventory work. Created in 2016 by SPYGEN, the VigiDNA network aims to ensure the quality and standardisation of services performed internationally and to unite all members around shared commitments.

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