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Egis’Scope, a multi-site data management and collection tool on iPad for audits and master plans

In the current economic climate, more and more property owners and investors need to be supported in their strategic property management decisions. Whether it be field works, light and heavy rehabilitation, acquisition of real estate, or strategic property plans, many processes require the support of teams of technical experts to assess the quality and potential of real estate assets.

At a time of web 2.0 and digital technologies, we naturally turned our focus to a tablet tool that could systematise our audits and give our customers a better basis for decision support.

We therefore developed a tablet app designed to establish the current architectural and technical condition of a building in near-real time.
The aim is to determine the performance of existing buildings for rehabilitation, or for the sale and purchase of real estate.

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– Simple and direct identification of each piece of equipment analysed on the building plan.

– The capacity to name and list each piece of equipment and classify them by technical batch for an overall organisation that is accessible and user-friendly.

– A comprehensive, exhaustive inventory in the form of predetermined data sheets containing information specific to each piece of equipment.

Structured into two distinct steps:

  1. A complete technical and architectural inventory in the form of data sheets that engineers fill in after a site visit.
  2. A scoring system based on four criteria for assessing the quality of the building and optimising its full analysis.

Based on a building plan, the EGIS’SCOPE tool is used to list and reference all building equipment through location points directly displayed on the plan with reference to the technical data sheets.

This referencing on the plan is directly linked to the data sheet referencing, so that the connection between the plan and the data sheets is crystal clear.

Data sheets are grouped into batches, by structure, and are compiled into an overall inventory report.

Each data sheet filled out by our experienced engineers includes the following information:

  • A technical description of the equipment
  • A comments section
  • A photo or photos of the equipment
  • Rating of the equipment according to 4 criteria

The tool analyses this information to achieve an instant overview of indicators on a summary table.