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Energy management for buildings : a focus on major savings

As the exclusive tenant of the Terra Nova 3 building in Montreuil, Egis has embarked on a continuous process to optimise its energy and environmental performance. In just one year, Egis achieved 16% savings

Egis implemented the Ubigreen Performance energy management solution to continuously monitor the energy consumption of a first pilot site, located in Montreuil – the Terra Nova III building. The daily monitoring of usage helped to quickly detect problems such as overconsumption of energy, and provides the operator with immediate corrective actions. A weekly report was published by the Energy Manager in charge of the building, allowing a quicker response for the implementation of action plans, in a bid to continuously improve the site’s energy performance.

Terra Nova à MontreuilIdentity of the Terra Nova 3 building:

Built in 2005

6 floors and 2 basement levels

1600 sqm net floor area per floor

10,000 sqm net floor area

An all-electric building

A company canteen

Anne-Marie Ferron-Menard, head of “existing buildings” activities at Egis, explains: “The daily monitoring of energy consumption using 54 sensors is used to quickly detect anomalies and provide the operator with immediate corrective actions. A weekly report is published, contributing to the continuous improvement of the site’s energy performance”.


Instrumentation + tracking software and smart thinking = considerable savings 



In 2016, the initiative was launched at the START building (headquarters of the Egis group in Guyancourt, France) – stay tuned!



Egis awarded a golden CUBE at the CUBE 2020 contest for 2015-2016 

Terra Nova 3 finished in 8th place overall in 2016 and 1st in the certified buildings category. The Start site at Guyancourt was not going to be outdone, finishing 3rd in the buildings of more than 12,000 sqm category with an energy saving of 19% compared to the previous year.

Germain Poirot, Head of Energy Management at the Egis group believes that “Egis has deployed its energy management solution, based on the technical expertise and involvement of all stakeholders, for the benefit of the energy performance of buildings. This system was successful thanks to the involvement of a range of stakeholders; the energy manager, the operating team and general resources who have worked together to find solutions to the various challenges of implementing energy-saving actions. Awareness campaigns among users were organised to get employees on board so that everyone adopts eco-responsible behaviour in their workplace. Our energy management strategy is demonstrating its long-term effectiveness. The continued reduction over two consecutive years within Terra Nova 3 shows that our strategy is working long term. We are very proud of the commitment and motivation of the teams. We plan to continue this optimisation work, and roll out this initiative across all Egis sites.

This initiative was awarded the silver cube at the CUBE Contest 2020 for the year 2014-2015 : The awards ceremony for the CUBE Contest 2020 (Concours Usages Bâtiment Efficace) was held on Wednesday 18 March at the headquarters of BNP Paribas Real Estate in Issy-les-Moulineaux. For decreasing its energy consumption by 16% at the Terra Nova III building, which houses its Montreuil teams, Egis was awarded the silver cube in the category of certified office buildings of over 10,000sqm.


  • 385 MWh of savings
  • 16% energy savings
  • 50,000 euros in financial savings