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Eportfolio, a fully online app for the strategic and operational energy management of real estate

E-Portfolio is a tool for managing the energy renovation of property assets: it is used to manage and monitor the performance of operations at both strategic and operational levels.

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It provides:

  • monitoring of the implementation of energy saving measures and updates key input data in line with developments and changes to the project and its context;
  • the comparison of actual performance achieved with the theoretical target performance, thereby  ascertaining which actions have been successful, and if appropriate, identifying possible blockages/failures;
  • dynamic simulation and modelling of actions on properties or buildings.
  • the information and exchange of messages within the user community.

E-Portfolio is a collaborative platform that can be simultaneously accessed by multiple users, who may have different access rights, configurable by the administrator and by the managers.

E-Portfolio is a fully online application arranged in three modules:

  1. an observatory that gathers, organises and archives information on asset management in a dedicated database.
  2. an action plan that defines, plans and prices up maintenance activities and upgrades.
  3. a real estate strategy for:
    • Prioritising and planning actions.
    • Monitoring the progress of actions and comparing the results with the objectives initially defined
    • Producing customisable reports characterising the status and performance of the property portfolio and its evolution over time.

A solution developed to support:

  • Landholding trusts and/or public and private property developers
  • Parties who have “bought” an energy transition plan and want to monitor it in real-time