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FeelEgis, for retrieving time-stamped and location-based data on urban comfort

FeelEgis is a smartphone app that enables the recovery of time-stamped and location-based data on urban comfort, available on internet maps.

The principle: users enter an appraisal of external comfort following the indicators defined (noise, odours and pollution, wind, sunlight) in a given place at a given time. This measurement tool thus allows for the centralisation and capitalisation of spatial and temporal data and the crowd-sourcing of information. The aim of the app is to then use this data to help diagnose a property, region, etc. Egis, through its Elioth brand, is developing versions dedicated to a given region on request, with specific measurement fields and suitable spatial resolution.

FeelEgis is an app designed by Elioth. Available from the Apple Store and Android Market (french website)

Feel Egis