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Minimising the pollution and discomfort generated by urban works: a culture change.

The FURET research project (an ANR*/Advancity* project) was conducted with the assistance of leading organisations in project management, engineering, business and research.

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After working together for the past four years, they have created an innovative “co-construction” approach for sustainable cities, offering key solutions for societal, economic and environmental issues. The results of this project consist of multiple combinable bricks that connect decision-making tools and models to the choice of the most discreet options. Processes and methods for better recording projects in all the complexity of a 24-hour city are available.

A method that involves:

  • Qualification of the different types of pollution and their level of discomfort.
  • A list of objectives for project management.
  • Incorporation into the design process and project reviews.
  • Control throughout the design phase (possible adjustments).
  • Monitoring of implementation.

The FURET project also enabled the development of a geographic information system (GIS) for project owners.

Find out more about FURET:

The ANR website


*FURET: Furtivité Urbaine Réseaux et Travaux
*ANR: French National Research Agency
*Advancity: A business cluster for sustainable cities and mobility *BHNS: High service level bus