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GeRiCi®, a tool for identify the climate vulnerabilities of a road section or structure

Climate change and road infrastructure: anticipating and planning to avoid the worst

Storm Damage

Egis was one of the first engineering design offices to develop a GIS tool (GéRiCi®) that can identify the climate vulnerabilities of a road section or structure and put forward preventive measures by priority level. This innovation, recognised both in France and abroad, places us firmly among the leaders of climate-related engineering. Since then, our experts have designed many other solutions, aimed at boosting our regions’ adaptation to climate changes already underway, as well as exercising our civic duty. We offer scalable techno-economic solutions that take into account the uncertainty of future climates and help inform future choices in terms of planning and urban development. For development projects, we offer climate resilience approaches that include testing their climate and energy behaviour between now and 2050-2100.

The example of the district of Algiers

voiture,With approximately 3 million inhabitants, the district of Algiers wants to increase its resilience to climate change and prevent the risk of natural disaster: floods, landslides, extreme periods of heat and cold, marine submersion and erosion, and water stress. Egis is assisting in this process by assessing its risks of vulnerability between now and 2030 and by developing action plans to increase its resilience to these risks.
Egis has identified the investment required to protect property assets, as well as assessing the cost of adaptation measures and making recommendations for strengthening institutions’ ability to manage the impact of climate change in the long-term and to cope in the event of a natural disaster. This includes raising the awareness of all local stakeholders, institutions, technical agencies, private individuals, and citizens, regarding the results of the research and the approach.

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In Georgia, a road network that’s better equipped to deal with climate phenomena

Egis is providing technical assistance to the Roads Department to incorporate climate risk issues into maintenance