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GoSafe, the speed camera network that saves lives



In a bid to encourage drivers in Ireland to comply with speed limits, Egis is now part of the GoSafe (1) project: the scheme monitors speed throughout the country, and draws up reports of infringements which are then processed by the relevant authorities. Since 2010, the project has helped to significantly reduce the amount of road fatalities in the areas monitored: fatal crashes have almost halved (2). In light of this success, the project has just been renewed for another six years.

Since 2010, Egis has been operating the Irish national speed monitoring system via the company GoSafe. The assignment covers all the necessary services for controlling speed using mobile cameras – from deploying the vehicles and staff required to monitor Ireland’s roads, to processing the information collected in a centralised back office. For Egis, this is a key project in the field of enforcement (control and sanction), currently developing worldwide, for speed control-type applications and free-flow electronic toll projects.

The Irish authorities have carried out an assessment of the system: the benefits are five times greater than the costs. Some key figures: every year, the system saves 23 lives, it avoids 40 serious accidents, and generates €70 million in savings for Irish society.


(1) GoSafe’s shareholders include Egis Projects (42%, an Egis entity), Spectra (42%, an Irish company specialising in image processing) and Redflex (16%, an Australian in-vehicle speed camera provider).

(2) detailing the key points of the cost-benefit analysis of this approach.