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Managing a city through its lights

Public lighting, providing urban supervision and savings

Public lighting, whether in the creation or renovation of a network, carries a current that can connect and therefore centralise data. Whatever its source, this data can contribute to urban performance, with operating savings achieved made available for reinvestment. Public lighting thus becomes “intelligent”.

Our expertise

  • “Lighting” diagnostics
  • Current situation and physical measurements
  • Regulatory analyses
  • Review, GIS database and technical proposals

“Power” diagnostics

  • Systems audit
  • Functional analysis
  • Analysis of development potential

Lighting strategies

  • Identification of needs and objectives
  • Planning of photometry and temporal objectives
  • Framework for evaluating energy savings

Legal and financial expertise

  • Financial and contractual arrangements
  • Design and development of operating contracts
  • Legal and regulatory strategy

Remote management of various technical equipment

  • Functional analysis
  • Hardware and software architecture: central system, remote equipment, transmission networks
  • Management of KPIs

Development of specifications

  • Monitoring and creation of the different systems
  • Procurement assistance for works contracts
  • Launch and monitoring of the system’s operation



Public lighting accounts for 18% of consumption and 22% of energy expenditure for local authorities. With a little over 5.3 billion kWh, street lighting is the number one source of municipalities’ electricity consumption (45%) and expenditure (38%). (Source: Ademe) In order to reduce this electricity consumption, the best solution would be to implement a coherent methodological approach, without harming its two fundamental objectives, which are the comfort and safety of users. These savings can be made possible by capitalising on the power line. Making lighting smarter…