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myJINI, a package of services to the motorist who relies on an embedded box.

BNV Mobility, a subsidiary of Egis in the Netherlands is developing a package of services to the motorist (private individuals) since 2015 and which is based on an embedded box. The embedded box is the first step towards the smart car or the connected vehicle. The data reported by the box allows to develop a set of services that facilitates motorists daily life.

Some examples of services: trips management tool with an allocation of business kilometers versus private trips, eco-driving, style and dangerousness of driving that can trigger a reduction in the insurance premium, gas card, rewards if the different indicators are green. The driver subscribes to a monthly “basic” or “premium” according to the services they want to receive. This service package is enriched regularly. Such a case could automatically pay a parked road for example. Many options are in development. Today myJINI has 2000 registered motorists.

For more information, the website myJINI (in Dutch)boitier-myjinicarte-myjiniimage-myjiny