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Opt for smart parking

Egis offers a flexible solution for parking in a period of transition

The challenges: Major problems related to on-street parking

  • 20 to 30% of motorists on the road are looking for a parking space
  • +13% of greenhouse gas emissions related to traffic congestion by 2030

Our solution: 

  • pre-inspection tools by vehicle ANPR
  • management of parking zones and residents
  • management of mandatory administrative arrangements
  • management of post-parking flat rates
  • parking ticket inspection tools for inspectors on foot
  • virtual tickets
  • optimised rounds for ticket inspectors

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Egis, car park operator in Amsterdam

Since October 2015, Egis has been in charge of managing on-street parking in the city of Amsterdam, which represents:

  • 2,400 time stamps managed by Egis
  • 180,000 resident permits managed by Egis
  • 1,200 cars checked per hour by ANPR
  • 61,650 claims managed by Egis

Results?   85% visitor payment