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Participative quality of life study

An initiative aimed at understanding the collective stakes of a region, in order to optimise the acceptability of projects by locals.

The study collects, maps and analyses the collective and subjective representations of a region by its inhabitants to integrate this data into the design of a project.

etude participative


The benefits of the participative quality of life study are as follows:

  • Understanding the collective stakes of a given region: through the emergence of new knowledge related to inhabitants’ collective and individual perception and representation of a region.
  • Optimising project acceptability: through participative consultation and presentation of data that involves residents in a project’s design
  • Compatibility with and adaptability to any type of project: preliminary assessment studies, whatever the scale of the project, and in line with the client’s budget and deadline requirements.

As a new participative form of consultation, the study is based on new information technologies and the opportunities that these provide for spatial data.

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