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Recycling 100% of wastewater

To meet the needs of a growing population and to protect water resources in the city of Doha, Qatar, Egis was commissioned by the Doha Public Works Authority, Ashghal, to design and supervise the extension works at the Western Doha wastewater treatment and recycling plant. This is the second extension carried out at the plant, taking its treatment capacity to 280,000m3 a day.

The ultrafiltration membrane treatment technology used in this extension has been chosen for its limited environmental impact.

Technologies that significantly help improve the management of water resources.

The plant recycles all of its treated water, using it to irrigate green spaces and vegetable gardens (42 and 55% respectively), and to supply groundwater (3%). The surplus is stored in a lagoon where fauna and flora will grow. As a result of using the treated and recycled water, agriculture has obtained better yields and lowered its use of artificial fertilisers.

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