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Smart Environmental System to track the state of the environment in real time

Smart Environmental System is an innovative tool for real-time monitoring of the state of the environment. Suitable for construction sites, industrial sites, infrastructures, business parks and urban areas, it allows customers to better fulfil both regulatory requirements and demands from local residents, who are increasingly involved in the quality of their living environment.

The aims of the approach

  • Performing real-time monitoring using sensors, or predictive modelling, of all the potential environmental and health effects of a project or site in operation.
  • Monitoring multiple parameters simultaneously, such as weather, air quality, odours, water, soil, noise-vibrations, light pollution, electromagnetic waves, fire, photo surveillance, operating data of equipment, and more.
  • Communicating these measures locally among residents and all non-institutional stakeholders (organisations, neighbourhood committees, etc.) and taking into account the disruptions and feelings expressed.
  • Reporting relevant environmental indicators to administrative authorities.
  • Enabling the adaptation of processes and procedures by highlighting links between production indicators and the environmental indicators observed.


  • Building construction sites
  • In-service transport infrastructure
  • Urban sites / Smart cities
  • Industrial sites
  • Waste treatment facilities
  • Mines and quarries


  • Defining the parameters: The environmental parameters to be monitored are defined in consultation with the customer, as well as the terms and conditions for sharing information.
  • Capturing and visualising data in real time: A network of autonomous location-based environmental sensors continuously communicates the exposure levels measured to a WEB-GIS platform (with contextualisation by observatories in place).
  • Forecast and warning: A forecast module is used to simulate and model the state of the environment three days ahead. A “responsible” warning module that sends text message/email notifications when environmental thresholds are exceeded.
  • Communication: An online/mobile interface (SMS/email) allows residents to report any discomfort felt and lets the customer notify residents in real time.
  • The results reported will be used to:
    – Detect events, anomalies and thresholds being exceeded in real time, analyse the possible causes of these events and alert the appropriate people to trigger the corrective measures,
    – Perform a detailed analysis of recurring events or trends in certain parameters using complex correlation and data mining algorithms to develop preventive measures,
    – Generate preconfigured reports presenting a selection of statistical tables, graphs and mapping to illustrate observations made during a given period. These reports can be set up to respond simply and directly to the monitoring requirements of the different administrative bodies concerned.


  • Valor’Aisne: an air-odour observatory for a waste treatment site (France)
  • SNCF: an air & noise observatory for the Lannemezan works site (France)

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