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The Sobre IT® Solution, supporting property businesses in controlling their energy consumption

SOBRE, a collaborative platform for monitoring and controlling energy

Energy performance is simple

How can we sustainably reduce the energy consumption of a property portfolio without carrying out major renovations? How can we respond to increasingly strict regulations and go beyond the commitments of our environmental policy? How do we get everyone on board with our energy-saving policy? When it comes to issues like these, more and more businesses and communities are asking themselves the same questions. And it is for this very reason that Sobre was born. Sobre offers its customers an integrated solution for monitoring, managing and facilitating energy savings, to bring your existing building portfolio into the new age of energy transition.

Energy savings, with no investment or waiting

Dedicated to buildings and their occupants, the Sobre IT® solution provides multi-fluid and multi-site energy monitoring delivered in “Software as a Service” (SaaS) mode. Data on buildings, energy consumption, anomalies, possible remedies and their potential upsides are brought together in a single tool, which can be accessed online in a simple and intuitive way by all technical and property managers concerned. The solution adapts to the needs and budget of each client, with different levels of contribution. Energy bills can thus be lowered by between 8% and 15%, and by up to 25% in buildings that have made the least progress in terms of environmental initiatives.

Facilitating environmental compliance policies

Energy transition is now an important consideration for all property managers, whether to meet the higher standards of clients, the aspirations of occupants, or the obligations of increasingly strict environmental regulations. The Sobre IT® platform offers a tailor-made Energy Management System, with a grid adapted to certification (ISO 50001, HQE, BREAM, LEED, etc.) and regulatory requirements in place. Adopting Sobre IT® means permanently staying a step ahead of your commitments and obligations.

A united front to meet the challenge of energy transition

Energy efficiency is relevant to a wider audience than just building’s technical and property managers. To meet this challenge in the long-term, we need a shared goal that everyone can get behind, showing occupants that they have a responsibility and the ability to make a real difference. This is why the Sobre IT® platform is designed as a tool to rally communities. The Energy Management System includes a social module used to launch awareness and motivational initiatives throughout the year. Sober generates momentum and commitment that leads to constantly improving results.


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