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Soft infrastructure

infradouce - copy AVPSoft infrastructure involves rethinking the city based on its inhabitants’ use

While soft mobility solutions have made a come-back in cities, shared public spaces are still dominated by motor traffic. Yet the demand for natural and pedestrianised public spaces in cities has never been so high. By reintroducing nature into the city, and by increasing access to public spaces while promoting soft modes of transport, we are offering cities another perspective on their urban roads, to encourage active modes of transport. This infrastructure provides an easy access network for all, a vast reticular public facility for neighbourhoods and the agglomeration as a whole, allowing everyone to enjoy the city at their own pace, according to their desires and in a pleasant and calm environment.
Depending on the specific context of each road section, we offer appropriate, possibly sequenced, planning, giving an important and relevant role to vegetation, and offering spaces that encourage strolling, recreational use and active modes of transport in a principle of harmonious coexistence.


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