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The metamorphosis of the A63 in Les Landes (France)

A complex project, concerned about its impact on the environment.

  • A high accident rate, despite improvements already made
  • A very high proportion of HGV traffic (30%), with no overtaking and a speed limit of 80 kmph
  • Inadequate rest areas and services: insufficient storage capacity, few servicesMaîtrise d'oeuvre
  • Very damaged road surfaces
  • A monotonous route conducive to sleepiness
  • An obvious barrier affecting large animals and aquatic mammals
  • Significant noise pollution for local residents, in the absence of noise processing devices
  • This feedback concerns the widening of a 105 km section into 2 x 3 lanes, an improvement in the quality of service for users and the environmental quality of the infrastructure, and the preparation
    of operating teams. The working environment, under operation, was particularly demanding.

Egis has contributed at several levels to this flagship project for the Aquitaine Region.

  • In the shareholding of Atlandes, as the concession company;
  • Within the engineering group responsible for the overall design of the project; and for the design, supply and installation of fixed operating equipment;
  • Providing environmental support to Atlandes;
  • As the operator, via Egis Exploitation Aquitaine.