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Urban renewal project in Les Mureaux (France)

Launched in 2006, the project has restructured the whole of the urban network and public spaces within the scope of the ANRU project. A street-by-street landscape project ensured that stormwater issues were addressed well in advance, in accordance with the site’s irregular terrain. As the project’s centrepiece, the Molière gardens give structure to the whole of the urban fabric. Currently under construction, they will be delivered in 2017. With the reopening of a waterway and the creation of filtering gardens, the planting of orchards and kitchen gardens, plus play areas and meeting places, this landscape environment will become the backbone of a rediscovered urban conviviality.

Les Mureaux espaces publics, projet ANRU

The town of Les Mureaux, SEM92, Atelier Villes & Paysages and Infraservices have been awarded a prize by Innovapresse – Les Défis Urbains 2016 (Urban Challenges 2016) in the category “climate adaptation of the urban landscape and water management” for the Les Mureaux urban renewal project.

The Défis Urbains awards recognise the achievements of public and/or private initiatives for a sustainable, inclusive, accessible, shared, innovative, connected, balanced, comfortable and economical city.

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