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WIND-IT An innovative solution for the micro-generation of renewable energy

An ecological alternative for countries where there is little or no network.

Expected benefits: about 85% of annual operating costs and approximately 70 t CE saved.

Wind-it _ Tibo d'Aboville

The Wind-it innovation consists of integrating one or more vertical axis wind turbines within a metal pylon that has been specifically designed to house wind turbines. The Wind-it range currently offers telecommunication towers for sites with no network or a poor quality network ranging from 25m to 80m high. The solution integrates a photovoltaic source adapted to the installation location. Wind-it helps to considerably reduce, and even avoid, the use of the more traditional and expensive solution of fuel-powered generators. Furthermore, the Wind-it solution is scalable in such a way as to produce surplus energy, thus contributing to local electrification.

WIND-IT received the 2015 Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie (French engineering prize) in the category “Industry and Technology Consulting”. Find out more on the prize


Today, WIND-IT is a startup that offers power solutions for sites that are either off the grid or connected to an unreliable network, including telecommunications towers. Its first solution is a telecommunications tower with integrated energy production, through the incorporation of vertical axis wind turbines. For existing sites, Wind-it also offers turnkey hybrid energy solutions, combining multi-source energy production, including solar panels when necessary. Wind-it is also able to adapt to new demands, such as becoming an electricity supplier or developing rural electrification projects.


The first sales of energy-efficient telecommunication relay towers using wind and photovoltaics, Wind-it, were made with a telephone operator in Madagascar and with Orange in Luxembourg. These towers foreshadow new 100% renewable rural electrification solutions.

Find out more Lire l’article du journal Egis Contact International de juin 2016 (article en anglais) Madagascar: Launch of the first telecommunication tower integrating vertical wind turbines